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Thanks to the honey bee, nature provides raw natural honey, one of the most perfect materials in the world. We all know that it is naturally good for the body, both as a superfood and as an additive to many cosmetic products. It is so versatile that it is a perfect sugar substitute tea to be the main ingredient in many lotions and shampoos. So what is this natural earth nectar that really promotes our good health? The reasons are almost too many to mention, but here are the most important facts to think and appreciate.

Raw natural honey natural antioxidant

First, liver has a built-in, carcinogenic formulation. It is supplied with flavonoids, a plant material that is a natural antioxidant and a proven free radical warrior. When the bees visit a flower, they transfer the flavonoids to the honey they consume. So honey is essentially helping attack human bodies and removing free radicals, improving our body's immune system, including cancer and heart disease. Honey does not cure but helps prevent it. Beware, I'm bringing a little honey to my toast!

Raw natural honey antibacterial

Second, honey is a natural antibacterial agent. Honey with glucose oxidase is a natural enzyme. This is the enzyme that helps our body in the formation of hydrogen peroxide. When honey is used to embroider wounds, honey stimulates the natural production of hydrogen peroxide, thereby helping the body to destroy bacteria around the wound. Therefore, there is a small amount of honey on the skin rash, burn or abrasion, which helps the body heal.

Raw natural honey is the perfect natural carbohydrate

Third, honey increases its athletic performance. Nothing gets the body faster than carbohydrates, and glucose is the carbohydrate I'll be there. Since honey is a natural glucose, many professional athletes use instead of processed sugar. In my personal comment, I played rackets in raquetball competitions. Nothing stretched more than peanut butter and honey sandwiches of whole wheat. You have to do this two hours before your sporting event, and you will have plenty of energy.

Raw natural honey alleviates cough and throat irritation

Fourth, honey helps cough and throat irritation. Remember the natural antibacterial properties of bee nectar? Combine this quality with the rejuvenating consistency of honey and provide effective help in fighting the throat and cough. For the best results, use raw natural honey in your favorite tea and drink enough pots as much as you can.

Here are just a few interesting facts. Did you know honey is a natural skin moisturizer? A small amount of raw natural honey easily spreads over your skin, which is soft because honey is a natural moisturizer. Did you know how to wash it? Clarification of allergies and facial spots is quickly clarified when honey is used as a cleaning agent. That's why you find honey so much organic soap … it works. Honey is used for the same reason in shampoos because it is just as natural for your skin.

The Wonderful Advantages Of Raw Natural Honey

There are dozens of advantages listed here, but it is enough to say that honey is a wonderful natural substance. Next time you see a honey bee, we treat you with respect, because you are busy to give healing, delicious and powerful earthly powers, frankly, we do not yet fully understand. And while learning all the hottest qualities of our research laboratories, we know enough to appreciate the many gifts that we offer today. Have yourself a favor and make raw natural honey for your daily life. The benefits to you are too numerous.

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