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This article talks about two dishes. On the puppy stage, Eagle Pack Puppy and Adult Stage, Royal CaninLabrador Retriever

Puppy Nutrition

When deciding on nutritional ingredients for determining the diet of my puppy, it is important to recognize and retain the following key factors:

– Puppies mature quickly, so they will need the best food to safely grow by using the required 6 essential nutrients (19659002) – at birth and the first 5-6 weeks of life – my puppies have a high quality Colostrum-based form they need it because they can not do it at birth.

Artho Formula

This is a mixture of New Life Colostrum (vital for puppies when firstborn to stimulate body functions), glucosamine sulphate, MSM, acetyl myristoleate, lipase enzyme , which is coated with beta-lipid.

– Helps the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients in the body and reduces iron bioavailability to pathogens

o MSM's natural sulfur form helps to prevent free radical damage and cartilage function

o Glucosamine sulphate sulfate , which is an important component of biochemical synthesis of connective tissue

o Cetyl myristoleate helps with joint and cartilage functions. The lipase enzyme is coupled to increase its absorption and assimilation in the body

Due to the importance of Colostrum, the following is a detailed explanation of the nutritional composition of this vital ingredient for my healthy healthy dog ​​for a few weeks

Pure Colostrum Guaranteed Analysis and Nutrition Distribution

Ingredient Amount

Moisture 7%

Ham 4.80%

Protein 60%

Calcium 0.26%

Lactose Monohydrate 15%

Phosphorus 0.24%

Magnesium 0.4%

Sodium 0.07%

Potassium 0.14%

Holine 0.12%

Cobalt 0.06%

Iron 0, 06%

19659002] Methionine 1.88%

Cysteine ​​Trace

Arginine 4.82%

Triptophan 1.66%

Histidine 2.76%

19659002] Leucine 8.57%

Phenylalanine 4.61% [19659002] 7.45%

Valin 8.17%

Half Life 16 hours

Nutrition Instructions

(1×4 80 mg tablets are administered 3 to 5 times with warm water three times

total daily = 1440 mg)

3 × 3 × 480mg = 1440mg

3 3x480mg = 1440mg

3 3x480mg = 1440mg

4 3x480mg = 1440mg

5 3x480mg = 1440mg

Some people think that the right Colostrum supplements should contain more than the aforementioned, but this is only an opinion and there is no evidence to justify this theory

Structural growth (0 to 18 months) is the most important stage in my puppy's development, which means that they are routine for them at this stage of their life for high quality premium or homemade food.

– My formula, Finally, I give my puppies a premium puppy until the age of 15-16 (Eagle Pack Large / Giant Formula), which seems to me to be the best suited to the needs of Labrador puppies.

When considering puppies, their quality must be taken into account and these components are the growth of my puppies. For my puppies to succeed, they need it and get the best ingredients that combine to produce optimal nutrition that will allow them to grow safely and consistently according to the breed specifications.

Eagle Pack Analysis

It is my choice that the puppy's food is in my opinion the best combination of ingredients for consumption of my puppies. The most important ingredients are:

– 7 leather and coat conditioners; chicken fat, linseed, avocado oil, herbicide, lecithin, vitamin E and biotin. This is a rare combination and can only be found in the high quality puppy formula. The main purpose of these air conditioners is to allow a beautiful, healthy, healthy, healthy, skin-skinned skin surface.

– Premium chicken breast, rice and herring provide a great flavor and extra protein and fat,

In order to demonstrate the extensive process of producing large calorie puppies, the following ingredients are included:

Chicken breast, brown rice, rice paddy, rice cake, chicken fat (mixed with tocopherols and ascorbic acid), flax seed, dehydrated alfalfa meal, avocado oil, herring meal, lecithin, brewed dried yeast, natural flavoring, monosodium phosphate, choline chloride, rosemary extract,
DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E source), zinc oxide, sodium selenite, manganese oxide, riboflavin supplement (vitamin B source), copper sulphate, zinc methionine, iron proteinate, manganese, cobalt protein, niacin, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A.

supplement calcium pantothenate, d-biotin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), calcium iodate, thiamine mononitrate (source of vitamin B1), folic acid, vitamin D3 supplementation, bromelain, papain, dried bacillus subtilis fermentation product, aspergillus oryzae fermentation product.


– Like the most specific dog products, the Eagle Pack puppy formula is designed for optimum growth. In addition to the high protein, nutrient and fat content, the building blocks of continuous growth are present and the puppy is doing very well while consuming this product.

– Low fecund rate is a great advantage and strictly the chicken breast and rice formula that allows better digestibility, which in turn allows the nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed by the puppies.

– The palatability of E and Presence of vitamin C, which means that no preservatives are used

Eagle Pack puppy formula is cooked under pressure to provide the highest nutrition and vitamin levels.

Protected Analysis

Percentage of Ingredients

Crude protein 26%

Crude fat 16%

Crude fiber 4%

19659002] Moisture 10%

Phosphorus 1%

At about 5 weeks of age, I'm starting to reduce Artho and introduce my puppies to "Eagle Pack".

Feeding Cha

Weekly / Monthly Daily Calorie Intake

5-6 Life Phases 2x ¼ Cup 188

7 Life Phases 2x ½ Cups 372

8 Life Phases = 2 Months 2 ¾ Cups 564 [19659002] 10 life stages 2x 1/1 cup 744

12 years of life = 3 months 2×1¼ cup 838

16 years of age = 4 months 2×1¼ cup 838

20 years of age = 5 months 2×1½ 932

24 years = 6 months 2×1 ¾ 1308

24 life stages 36 life stages = 9 months life 2×2 cups 1488

36 life spans 48 years of age = 12 months 2×2 cups 1488

12 months life – 14 months life 2×2 cups 1488

Years of Life Food class, adult food grade

Total daily dose

57 years of life = 14 ¼ months 75%, 25% 100%

58 life stages = 14 ½ months 50%, 50% 100%

59 years of life = 14 ¾ month 25%, 75% 100%

60 life stages = 15 months 0%, 100% 100%

M that the second phase of the nutrition plan has been completed, I must go to the third phase, which is the adult life stage. I have always believed in the most commonly used phrase: "You are what you are eating" and with this in mind, I was looking for a wide range of adult dogs to date and so I came across a company that goes extra mile for their research, commitment and determination to ensure the best adult dog food on the market.

Royal Canin, a dog breeder, established in Europe, stands above all other food manufacturers and focuses on detail, recommendations, and determination to provide the best diet for the breed. Yes, this company has begun the specific nutrition of specific breeds according to the different needs of different varieties.

Knowing this fact made it impossible for me to choose this manufacturer to provide Labradoroma with a life-long healthy diet. With the love of the Labrador Retriever 30 (TM) formula and all the love I can give, Labrador provides the optimum basis for a long, healthy, cruel life. (I can not wait!) Labrador Retriever 30 (TM) Formula

Unlike other dogs of the same size, Labrador is looking for less muscle mass and body weight gain with food. By combining the "labrador plea" that usually gains something from the human dinner table, Labrador's lazy metabolism and chronic greed, he gets "Pork Labrador". This is obviously bad news and can promote a number of disease factors such as cloud disruption, obesity, bad joints, and so on.

Taking these factors into account, Royal Canin has developed a specially crafted food for the Labrador Retriever. It has been determined that by promoting high-protein and low-fat materials, Labrador will receive the building blocks for a balanced diet and will likely have a proper body weight compared to their height and activity level.

List of ingredients

Chicken breast, brown rice, maize gluten, oatmeal, barley, breweries, chicken breast (naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols), natural chicken liver, sugar beet (sugar removed), cellulose, fish oil, zeolite, Chlorine Extract, Chlorine Extract, Borage Oil, Taurine, Calcium Carbonate, Inositol, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, L-Carnitine, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C Source), Chondroitin Sulphate, , calendula extract, tyrosine, zinc oxide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (source of vitamin B6), rosemary
(Vitamin B1), riboflavin supplement (source of vitamin B2), zinc proteinate, iron sulphate, manganese oxide, vitamin A supplementation, manganese proteinate, folic acid, copper sulphate, copper proteinate, biotin, calcium iodine, vitamin D3 supplement, sodium selenite, vitamin

Crude protein 30%

Crude fat 13%

Crude fiber 5.7%

Moisture 10%

Vitamin E 600 mg / kg

Vitamin C 300 mg / kg

Carnitine 200 mg / kg

Lutein 5 mg / kg

Glucosamine 780mg / kg

Chondroitin 220mg /

dose checked 293

Amount Fed daily calorie intake

2x 3 cups 879×2 = 1758 [19659002

– It contains a number of skin and layer conditioning agents to help maintain a beautiful, healthy shiny layer

– Contains antioxidants such as glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain the joint

– It contains taurine has proven to help the heart's health

– High protein content permits the maintenance of muscle mass

has been shown to slow the aging process. These include; Vitamin C and E, Taurine, Zinc, Selenium, Chondroitin and Other Antioxidants

– Conforms to All Standards Issued by the American Federation of Feed Control Associations (AAFCO)

The last stage of the nutrition plan is the nutritional requirements for my dog, when older. (9 to 10 year olds) Although we do not like to think our dogs to become old for a day, aging is a guarantee of life and that is why we need to pay attention to the welfare of our pets when they reach the point of their lives.

After examining potential senior dog food, I decided to keep Labradoroma on the Labrador Retriever 30 (TM) formula. I've decided because this food has all the ingredients that the leading dogs need, and I feel that my Labrador will live this food very well in her ancient years. By not switching on foods, I avoid temporary failures when switching between adults and older people.

– We all know that since dogs are older, they tend to spend more time on the couch, so feeding the Labrador Retriever 30 (TM) formula is still low and the protein intake remains high to help maintain muscle mass.

protection can be assisted by the presence of glucosamine and chondroitin

– To assist the digestive system, a chicory extract was added to help regulate this vital body system. (fructo-oligosaccharides)

This resource can be very useful to anyone who wants to know the nutritional ingredients that contain any given dog food. Do the research and ask them to do everything for the dog to be offered in a healthy diet. She counts on you.

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