Less stress on Yoga with Nider

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Stress is a very serious challenge that people try to deal with everyday things. In fact, there is always a way to manifest in our body, even if we try to ignore it. Many complain that they experience physical symptoms caused by stress, and almost all of them experience psychological disorders such as anxiety. However, money and careers are the main cause of stress, it is essential in today's world to learn how to deal with it.

Yoga is the answer. In fact, a soothing and relaxing exercise, such as yoga nid, also known as "yoga sleep", is very effective in treating the condition. The ability to activate our parasympathetic nervous system into the state of ultimate relaxation. When practicing yoga nidra, we have access to the realm of consciousness consciousness that exists between awakening and sleeping, combining the mind alertness of the mind with total relaxation of the body. However, this is a practice where science and spirit meet. They both work together to ease the tension and stress that can hold us at night, while helping to improve the quality of the lift.

Calm down well and increase anxiety with this yoga nidra

. But we have three levels of consciousness that are walking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The fourth is the transcendental state, also known as Turiya. Many people have a different view of yoga nidra, but the fact is that the conscious deep sleep taught by the ancient sages. The main purpose of teaching was to reveal the deep impressions or the samskars that lead our actions or claws.

Another reason for teaching yoga nidra is for honest seekers to purify the deep aspect of the mind-field that can be achieved in the formless state of conscious deep sleep.

The Truth of Practicing Yoga is Consistency. In fact, anyone who takes full advantage of yoga practice should be in line with the practice. Another very important piece of advice for newborn babies is to join a yoga teacher who has the experience to pass on to you. However, it is a good idea to watch Yoga DVDs and other materials, but first you need to be directed by a Yoga teacher before you move on.

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