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Nowadays, with the development of the extreme sports concept, the topic of sports nutrition has also gained great importance and attention to athletes and the media. Professional athletes working in extreme sports enjoy increased status in society and this recognition has brought a number of initiatives to the latest and most effective sports nutrition.

In times gone by, athletes continued to rely on fast, – eating fares and energy drinks. There has been a lack of research into sports nutrition requirements

Now that the competition becomes more and more intense each day, athletes now gain the expertise of sports scientists to make sure they maximize their physical and mental potential to their outermost limits and do their best.

To illustrate the effectiveness and importance of extreme sports nutrition, let's take an example of motorcycle sports, one of the most popular extreme sports. 19659002] A motorcycle racer, among other things, has to show a lot of courage, as it has a great punishment in his body. For this reason, a competitor should consider his general physical fitness as the technical skills of competitions. Creating the right hydration levels and retaining physical fitness to maintain the chances of motorcycle events

Forget victory, it's not easy to participate and survive for a 20-30 minute race under the most brutal conditions such as bumps and extreme effects of heat. Dealing with severe heat and defeating is one of the most difficult factors of a sport

In a typical motorcycle race, monitoring the vital signs of athletes can easily be seen in the heart rate and their bodies do their utmost to cope with the situation [19659002] As motorcycle sports in extreme adverse weather conditions, sports nutrition is a major concern for sport. Thermosegulation and hydration are, of course, the most important concerns.

The riders do not have time to hydrate themselves because a typical motorcycle event lasts only 20-45 minutes. It is very important for motorcyclists to track their fluid consumption during the days preceding the race, paying particular attention to the days when the practice is held on the weekend before the race.

Before the competition, competitors must take liquids, especially water, consistently to achieve and maintain a stable hydration level before the main event.

In addition to water, this is a sports drink to be used during the competition. Athletic drinks must be ready and have a start on the weekend. Sporty drinks with electrolytes such as sodium and carbohydrates are especially recommended. Carbohydrates greatly contribute to eliminating motor fatigue.

Most likely, one of the most important elements of treatment is the amount of sodium present in beverages. Sports drinks that have a high sodium content can fill the sodium that is lost with the sweat of the competitor during the race. Another advantage of sodium is that it increases the thirst of the body and therefore the cyclist takes more fluid during the race.

Each of the heavy-duty motorcyclists needs to consume 20 to 40 ounces of fluid during the course of the race track and keep it about 20 ounces per hour after the track session. To keep track of the hydration level of a competitor, you can take the balance on each morning and re-perform it after each session.

Two percent of the total body weight and not more than one should be eliminated and replaced by 150 percent of the reduced water on that day to achieve maximum performance in the next day's session.

Up to sixty percent of the human body with water. The slight decrease in fluids can already have an impact on the athlete's performance, especially the strength of the muscles.

Fitness and hydration in the body in the motocross championship is the foundation for fine performance. And the one who breaks the perfect balance of liquids and the inhalation of food and water can manipulate and maneuver his bicycle at a very high level even in the most extreme situations. It is therefore very important for athletes not to ignore the aspect of drinking water and other liquids in sports nutrition. This is a key factor that can prevent or eliminate the winner.

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