Kids & # 39; Nutrition – Teaching children to listen to their bodies

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Children begin to know life when they are hungry and when not. As parents, we need to help them maintain this ability so they can avoid eating disorders and weight problems later on.

Do not make a child out of the plates. Children are forced to eat more than they want and teach them not to listen to the hunger of their body.

Teach the kids to take small bites and enjoy their food. Too many to eat so fast that we do not really taste the food. You and your child can work together with this ability.

Encouraging small parts. Great help on the nourishment of children can be overpowered or encouraged to rise too high. Let them serve you if possible. Start small and let your child know that he knows more if he is still hungry.

It's almost impossible to eat in small portions. The size of the parts for both children and the adult meal is much higher than recommended. Restaurant meals are often three to four times the recommended dosage size. To overcome this, you can only order one or two appetizers with meals and share their family style from the center of the table. Order a fast food order for small or child-sized meals. Today's Children The Happy Meal is the same size as a regular adult, forty years ago.

Make sure your kids are making any small wall or bowl. Never let it go straight from the original packaging.

Encourage your children to read package labels, including service dimensions.

These little changes can help children in the lives of healthy eating habits.

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