Is Bikram Yoga Safe for High Blood Pressure?

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Bikram said he had a wonderful effect on those with high blood pressure. They believe that they normalize blood pressure over time, which is a great alternative to medicines. People with high blood pressure should be cautious when hot yoga is exercised.

Hot yoga is proven to be diligent in treating high blood pressure; sometimes leaves the doubts of non-professional doctors. monitoring kits. Bikram will normalize normal blood pressure within two weeks. People suffer from high blood pressure when the arteries shrink, which results in greater pressure. Generally, if the blood pressure level is 140/90 or higher, it is considered as high blood pressure.

Hypertension is a number of common factors, including stress, injury, obesity, excessive smoking, or alcohol consumption. So how does Bikram help with high blood pressure? Well, the answer is quite simple, yoga lifestyle management usually results in relaxation of body and mind, through exercises that reduce stress levels, which, in turn, results in normalized body functions, including blood pressure

. to avoid the following:

When used with caution, Bikram yoga is very useful in reducing high lblood pressure. Though hot yoga leads to 26 yoga posture, patients with high blood pressure should not engage in the following poses until their pressure returns to a normal level. [1959-19005]

  • The Half Moon Rear Bending Part
  • The Standing Bow Pulling
  • Balancing Stick
  • Cobra
  • The Locust
  • Third Part Of The Full Locust
  • The Camel
  • Practice:

    Below is a list of Bikram shields, which instructors are encouraged to reduce hypertension, but please note that you should always contact a physician before you practice:

  • Shoulder Straps
  • Folding Leg Leg Forward
  • Cat Pose
  • Half Spine Twist

  • The poses listed above should be made with a special breathing technique called Anuloma Viloma, also known as Nostril Breathing Technique. This breathing means to breathe through a nostril, for a few seconds to keep the breath and exhalation to the other. It helps to reduce heart rate, making it the most beneficial breathing technique for high blood pressure patients.

    As a form of therapy or wellness therapy, it is of utmost importance to use the yoga system sober and cautiously. If high pressure is not monitored or improperly treated, it can lead to other serious health problems. Therefore, please always inform your instructor if you have high blood pressure and rest during each exercise cycle. Initially, any hypertensive patient should not go beyond the yoga routine. Let's start by starting with only 5-7 numbers in the beginning, and then building on a larger number later.

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