Increases child development with nine simple baby-yoga poses

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Yoga poses are the ideal way for babies to social, emotional and physical development. He's never too young to start yoga. These nine poses provide a wonderful opportunity for attachment while helping the baby to relieve stress, relieve the nervous system, increase neuromuscular development, improve digestion and ease gas illness, nourish body recognition, and help the natural development of movement from birth to walk. The most important aspect of infancy yoga is to enjoy the experience. So relax, smile, sing one or two songs, and you know that you and your child are growing and learning together. Namaste

Swirlies – The baby is tight, but looks outward with one hand on her chest, the other under the diaper. Find the baby's hips clockwise, holding your belly / chest.

Tiny Tugs – Diagonal section. Lie baby on the floor on his back. Hold one of your hands and the opposite leg. Carefully move away from each other. Switch to page and repeat. Then gently rub the baby's breasts and belly.

Dolphin – Place the baby on the stomach on its feet, upside down. Find the baby's sacrum (the lower triangle of the spinal column with the center back strap). With the first two fingers, gently tap the sacrum for 5-30 seconds. It calms the nervous system. [Cross-over] Overs – Rest your baby behind your back near your feet. Hold one of your hands and the opposite leg. Bring your foot and your hand to meet somewhere around your abdomen, reach out. Repeat three to five times, then turn it on and repeat. Then rest your hand on the baby's chest and share your smile.

Divine Drops – Keep your baby safe in front of you. Stand with feet wide (eg For squatting). Turn off the toes. Inhale and fill your chest. Exhale, bend your knees and swip quickly into a wide squat. Inhale, push your feet to the floor and come back. Repeat until fussiness goes away.

Hip Circles Place your right hand on the infant's left hip to hold it. Place your left hand on the baby's right foot, grabbing the upper leg. Draw a slow circle to the knee of the baby, outwardly, then turning to the knee in the middle of the chest. After a few turns, turn your page on and repeat. Rolio Hold the baby's hand and foot in your two hands. Turn the baby's body from side to side as fast or slow as you wanted.

Kicky Cobra – Put the baby on the stomach facing you. Keep the baby's lower leg in every hand. Start hanging with your feet alternately.

– Toes to the Nose (19459004) – Take care of your back or sit in your lap (depending on your development). Bring the baby's toe to his nose. Alternative sites. Repeat.

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