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Most people know that "IMPACT Nutrition" went out of business a few years ago. They went with their products. Did I have any problems with products such as "Dynadrol", "Killer MRP", "Dynadrol", "Equibolan", "Maxteron" and "Killer MRP" (1965)?

found some alternatives for products that are now defective. Although there are websites that still offer these products, such as, they are slowly disappearing. The following list helps to replace if these products are no longer available.

Permadrol: Anabolic Steroid Alternative, which is a legal, non-prescriptive substitute for testosterone replacement therapy. It contains a mixture of four testosterone boosters, which together increase testosterone levels. Like the prohormons of the past, it consists of elements in nature. Contrary to prohormones, however, it is designed not to break the production cycle of natural testosterone because it works through natural pathways.

Using Permadrol, anyone who can achieve higher levels of testosterone can benefit. In men, testosterone levels begin to decline as they become older. Testosterone replacement compounds, such as Permadrol, have wide-ranging benefits that have an impact on increased athletic performance and bodybuilding, anti-aging and sexual enhancement. The true beauty of this product is versatility! It can be beneficial to many people, regardless of the purpose or the level of experience. This is a fantastic alternative to Dynadrol.

TestoXterone: This product is considered a "gene-specific" steroid alternative. The specific gene simply means its own natural testosterone, which is "gene coded" to fit into the nucleus. However, the average male testosterone is very low. 5-10 mg daily, and most of it is "bound" and can not be used for muscle building. So to increase your natural testosterone production, just release testosterone! But TestoXterone has a "juggernaut" specific testosterone enhancer … so you get a double barrel testosterone effect! This is a great alternative to Equibolan

Orastan A: Orastan is a highly effective and safer alternative to c17-methylated and c17-alphaalkylated prosthetics that have been banned in the supplementary marketplace. This is the perfect complement to healthy nutrition and an adequate resistance training program to ensure that you reach or exceed your genetic potential in sports performance, muscle hypertrophy, weight gain, motivation, and fat burning. This is a great alternative to Maxteron.

Lean Mass Matrix Meal: The Prolab Lean Mass Complex is a comfortable shaking blend like "Killer MRP" and is specifically designed for those who work harder and healthier. This program contains 40% low glycemic carbohydrate, 40% protein and 20% healthy fat. Plus, this is a good fiber source. You have some calories like Killer MRP and more protein. Each dose of Lean Mass Complex contains whey protein and Micellular casein protein diversity as well as free form L-glutamine. It is designed to provide an abundant amount of vitamin B daily value (to maintain the energy required to maintain a scheduled exercise program), as well as vitamins A, C and E antioxidants. Balanced levels of minerals. I can not finish without the cinnamon's oatmeal flavor is awesome! This is an excellent alternative to the "killer MRP"


No matter what you're going to do if you do not train and eat big!

No additions are a miracle drug, and the Food and Drug Administration did not evaluate the allegations. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent the disease.

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