I. Part: Yoga and weight lifting work together perfectly

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For many years I enjoyed the weights in the gym, the results and the results. This is a national chain store that provides the most talented, most advanced and creative bodybuilding with specific muscles, plus treadmills, standing bicycles, rowing machines, racquetballs, swimming pools, saunas and aerobic classes.

But even with so many varieties, my favorite place is still the free weight room. Do not be fooled, I use the rest more often, but free weights for the purists are still there for the great work of muscle building and toning

. gymnastics causes shortening and tightening of the muscles. If you raise the weight of the bicep curls, the goal is to build two heads of the two biceps, add force and determination.

The same thing is for squatting to strengthen the legs. The bracelet, the quadriceps, the calves, the lower and the upper backs are all asked to lift the weight on her shoulder and bring her body to a standing position and again to squat. All these muscles, and many more that are used during a daily routine, tighten the tissue as constant contractions are exhausted. The result is short, tight muscles that limit the flexibility and the range of motion

Yoga poses have long been used to stretch and stretch the muscles, making flexibility more flexible for everyday activities. In its kind, yoga is slow, muscular, muscular in time, eliminates toxins and rebalances the body.

From a good point of view, yoga and lifting weights are perfectly combined. ..lift weight is three days a week, and yoga is two days. The result is a perfect tone; possibly larger muscles if this is your goal, better balance in bodily functions, better focus, concentration and breathing.

Tandem, weight gain and yoga provide both a co-ordinated workout program and overall peace of mind from just resting yoga.

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