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How to lose fat without killing yourself on a tough diet … There are so many stories, so many tales. How do they do it? And who is really the best way to not be too hard for you? All of us have our work, busy lifestyle and family to attend.

There is no time to increase the complex diet with busy schedules. I understand how difficult it is to take the first step and start if you do not know what to do. When you see someone who did, you know that this person should know the answer.

As a fitness model, a figure racer and a personal trainer, I know how to do it and now I tell everyone to learn it. Just follow the free schedules and addresses below to guide new lifestyles to new ones. Are you ready to have fat melting light and stress free? Let's go!


At least 3 times a week

You can train three times a week three times a week, with only 45 minutes per session. After training, I want you to use 30 minutes of cardio to burn fat faster. You can do 45 minutes of cardio when you prepare for it, leave it to you. Select the machine you want.

There is no need for hours, hours, days, and days in the gym. This is what advertisements show on TV, selling you the new "innovative" product. It's really not that hard, actually you find yourself enjoying the exercises. Time flies as busy and before you know you're done. You just have to get up and go. You will feel very good when you're done!

Training Pattern:

If you spend only three days a week in the gym and you can achieve significant results, here is a great sampling schedule. Follow this exact schedule if you like or freely adapts to your needs if you want to train other parts of the body on other days

o Monday: Legs and Shoulders, Calves

o Tuesday: Training

o Wednesday: Back and Biceps, abs

o Thursday: Training

o Friday: chest and triceps, abs

o Saturday: Training

o Sunday: Training

Try 3 or 4 exercises on muscle groups (legs, back, chest, shoulders) and 2 or 3 exercises per small muscle group (biceps, triceps). You can do 1 or 2 exercises with abs and calves. Go 3 for each set of 12-15 repetitions.

On training days, try to train hard soon before the 4th, to have enough energy throughout the day.


Every weekend is free!

Instead of talking about what you can not eat, talk about what you can eat. In fact, there are many foods that can be eaten! I want to have six "meals" a day. Do not worry, you do not have to cook all day in the kitchen, some "fast food" snacks or snacks. He ate every 3 hours. This speeds up the metabolism, making your body burn calories faster. This is what we lose because of body fat.

I made you a great tasty diet that will help you achieve the results! At each meal I gave carbohydrate, protein and / or fat source in the diet. Do not forget to swap them with other food sources (in the same category!). Just choose what it feels like to be on the table or follow the eating schedule. It is easy!

Preferably, I want your vegetables to be steamed and I would like you to start cooking a non-greasy cooking spoon instead of olive oil or butter. You will find calorie-free salad dressing for a great tasty salad and delicious calorie marinates for chicken, beef or fish. You can use non-fat mayonnaise, ketchup, sweeteners, herbs and spices to enhance the taste of your taste. I told you that this diet would be good.

The amount per batch is based on a 120-140-strong woman who loses the amount of body fat and at the same time increases muscle tone to become tonic. Add a small amount of meals per meal if you have a bigger weight and / or are very active during the day.

I like to train after the third meal, so before training I gave good fats to meals. If you would like to train earlier, try good fats (in this example, the almond) before moving it. They will provide extra energy for training and get a full feeling, especially with a full glass of water to spread the ribbon in the abdomen that the almond contains.

You do not want to eat good food after training. Fat slows the absorption and digestion of nutrients in the body. So the carbohydrate and protein nutrients needed will be absorbed by the body more quickly after training

If you want to train before or later than in my example, after the 3rd meal, simply move the pre-workout and after exercise to dietary supplements and post- meal # 4 after your own training time. After a meal after exercise, 1.5 hours later,

prepared meals: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1]

o 6 egg whites with 1 egg yolk

o Half-breakfast:
o Half-morning:

o ½ package "Lean Body Breakfast" (pre-workout):

o 1/2 cup ) brown rice 4 oz. chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower

o Small mixed salad with a full almond

o "Super Charge" pre-exercise formula Labrada Nutrition

Eating 4 / Afternoon (after training):

o 1/2 cup "Lean Body Mass 60" Labrada Nutrition after!)

o Uploading "Labrador Nutrition"

o Granny Smith apple

Eating 5 / Dinner (1 hour after the workout):

o 1 cup of sweet potato

o 4 oz. tuna, cod (or other white fish)

o Asparagus and carrots

o Small cups of salad

Dining 6 before bedtime:

o 1/2 cup "Pro V 60 Plus" shakes with Labrada nutrition (great at any time + bedtime)

out the carbohydrate, protein, and fat source if you want to switch from a diet:

Good Carbohydrates

o 1/2 cup (cooked) brown rice

o 3 rice cakes

o ½ cup oatmeal

o 2 slice of whole wheat toast

o 1 cup sweet potato


o Lean Body Gold Protein Bars Labrada Nutrition

o 4 oz. salmon (also contains good fat)

o 6 egg white, 1 egg yolk (yellow contains fat)

o 4 oz. all fish

o Lean test morning MRP at Labrada Nutrition

o 3 oz. chicken breast

o ½ cup fat free curd

o 3 oz. turkey breast

o "Pro V 60 Plus" protein is shaken by Labrada Nutrition

o 4 oz. lean beef (top round)

Good fat

o any oily fish

o ¼ advocado

o ½ tbsp. olive oil

o 1 hand almond / nuts

o ½ hand peanut / cashew

Free weekdays:

To be treated well, body treatments will soon bring great results, the weekend is free! You can eat what you want. Try not to go too far, but better not to. So it does not take a long time for your body to return to the fat burning course again after the weekend.

I suggest the weekend to stick to the first half of the diet and eat what you feel for the rest of the day or at least during the day you are trying to keep enough protein. But I left the weekends for you. Drink at weekends if you want.


The Complete Supplement of Vitamins and Minerals That Help Fats Run Through Life

By experimenting with supplements and fat loss, I found that the following supplements did indeed help to lose fat and gain muscle to the fitting body at the same time . Also, I feel energetic during the day. I want you to feel the same, so here is [1] A 1000 mg vitamin C in the morning and after a workout

o a good multi vitamin.

o A 400 mg vitamin E after training

o 5 grams of Glutathione L-Glutamine after Labrada Nutrition training and 5 grams of bedtime (high recovery)

o 5 grams of BCAA before training and after 5 grams of training (energy and high recovery)

o "Super Charge" pre-workout and "Re Charge" after training with Labrada Nutrition

o 2 servings of fish oil per day (to help with fat loss)

o "Pro V 60" and / or "Lean Body Mass 60" protein powder Labrada Nutrition

2 or 3 servings of HMB per day, depending on brand name (to help with fat loss and muscle growth)

o 2 doses of CLA per day (to reduce the amount of fat)

These are the best supplements that give you all the energy and provide you with all the help you can to lose body fat and muscle fatigue for the low-toned body. They are not expensive and have been providing you with everything you need for a long time. Why do I use and recommend Labrada Nutrition products? As an athlete I tried different brands of products. Some brands also contain ingredients that are not listed. With these brands I did not know exactly what I bought. Labrada Nutrition is a sincere company that truly cares about helping people and never includes ingredients that are not listed on the list. It also proved to work very well, as I used it, and I noticed how much they did to the results as soon as I started taking them. Labrada food supplements are also well-known, as they always give extra weight than those shown in the box. A truly great product line by a tournament that truly cares about the success of people! This is the only company I trust, I've noticed the results and I recommend it to all my readers. – I Need Help

What to Do If Sometimes Cravings Come? Well, there are actually all sorts of treatments that will satisfy your desires without actually doing things that you should not do.

If you want to keep "clean" food during the week and you will eat freely on the weekend you are feeling and have a great desire somewhere during the week, do not worry. There is a way to skip this barrier. Try all the tips that lower your desire:

o The celery stick is dipped with a calorie-free dressing

o Hand full of almond / walnut or ½ hand hazel / cashew nuts with 1 glass of water

o Take a little cucumber or a little mixed salad

o Add a green apple

o Water, green tea, coffee or coffee (with oily cream and / or sweetener)

o watch TV or a movie

o Go and walk

o Go buy. See how the smaller sizes fit and look great on you!

o Learn about community activities with your friends; tell them about the new lifestyle. They will support you!

Try this little trick again; For example, if you want chocolate, look at the back of the package and see how much calories you need to serve (if you recommend this server) you will be taken. 300 calories equal to 45 minutes for cardio. Do you really want to be harder and slow down your progress? Imagine yourself in a pretty, low-cut jeans, on a pretty top, and show you the absolute. It's just a couple of days; wait for the weekend … Have a look at the food and enjoy life

Have you ever seen ads on TV or happy people's magazines, have breakfast in the peaceful garden, ride bicycles or have a relaxing walk on the beach? They are talking about happy people who appreciate life.

It's true for most fitting people, and that's right for everyone. We value food, body and life so much that we pay more attention to ourselves. This is karma; you give and buy. Your energy that you sell and take care of yourself will come back with good results.

Evaluating the Healthy Foods of the Body instead of Stressed Foods (Unhealthy Meals), Enjoyment in Life and Entertaining Features in a Healthy Lifestyle. It is also a happy lifestyle.

Reacts every action. You made some changes in your life to see a good fit and toned body. Now fat is enough, though sometimes it takes a while to notice it.

First, you may not see it for the first time your results are bigger, even if your friends and family congratulate you and tell you you've lost your weight, and two, sometimes the fat becomes loose the first time you go starts.

This may happen in the first few weeks. But soon, before you know it, you will see that fat is flying fast. You will be very happy with the results, do not want to have another way. You will choose to consider this eating habit as a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, which guarantees you can enjoy a healthy life. And you'll be happy to do that too!

I can not expect to have a healthy and healthy lifestyle! Make sure before and after pictures for each of us to see when you start this guide, you lose your body fat and have a great toned body. She sends me an email. I'm glad to see these awesome results on you!

Enjoy your results!

Best regards,

Mercedes Khan

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