How to relax at work: Yoga tools for Naysayers

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Every day I have to decide: this is the day I'm running, cycling, hiking, doing anything like yoga? Although yoga is an excellent complement to other endeavors, I personally question that this is a very regular exercise. Think about it, talk about it, do it?

One thing I hear repeatedly from customers and group members is how amusing it is to let work and distractions get to the use of self-care practice to reduce stress and improve health. Since the ancient art of yoga teaches us a lot about patience, presence, profit and joy, I got Carolyn Weininger certified yoga instructor on how to translate basic principles from carpet to better awareness and stress reduction.

For 10 years, Carolyn teaches a good and enthusiastic student for North Virginia students. Carolyn's finely tuned instincts and outstanding teaching techniques create an environment that is extremely beneficial to growth.

The following Q & A interview records Carolyn's insight – a masterly yoga teacher and practitioner perspective – to help us strengthen and sustain the way we show work and life every day.

Q: We hear a lot about the benefits of yoga in 10-20 minutes a day Accept or disagree and why?

A ]: I agree. Yoga has traditional advantages: strength and endurance; improving your posture; improving flexibility; reducing stress, a new level of emotional calm and spiritual purity. Conscious breathing control in stressful situations throughout the day or focusing on a particular problem is a very useful and healthy way of dealing with situations.

Although it is tempting to reject or delay what seems to be an optional activity / effort, when time seems to be limited, our friend may have less time. How can time layers be structured for self-care?

Q: What tips are there for those looking for yoga techniques that were in the workplace, eg. desk before stressful conversation?

A: Closing your eyes and some long, slow, deliberate breathing helps you to rest and reorganize. Sit down on your chair, lift your chest straight. Breathe in your belly. Breathe your muscles – soften your jaw and loosen your shoulders back and forth. Loosen your hands and feet.

Restraining, focusing and preventing or ignoring the need for breathing is contrary to our health and productivity. What does it mean to you if it takes time for breaks and breaths?


A: If yoga is completely new, then Level I will introduce you to poses and breathing. If you are more familiar with yoga, yoga after a rigorous workout, and with more advanced poses, it offers deeper reinforcement and stretching. By completing acidana (relaxation position), this condition will come out of the carpet.

The first steps, whether yoga or new business or personal practice, are often the most difficult part. When it meant an activity for you, a strategy that will gain momentum for my customers

Question: Due to the appearance of the best-selling book, they watched the crawl slowly Quiet What about with extraverts (who are energizing by actively participating in others)? What advice do you and others give to those who are particularly challenged to start or maintain yoga practice?

Try a class with a friend. It's more fun to have a partner. Friends can also help the target. Find a place and time that is comfortable with your schedules and at least once a week. Make sure you find an instructor who feels good. It may take a few hours for the right fit – place, time and instructor.

You don't have to go alone, on the carpet or in the shop. If you find yourself struggling to get a class, situation, or project, get someone who joins, contributes or supports you.

Q : How do you encourage those who already have regular yoga practice to take to the next level? A : One thing that makes everyone else to let go and relax. Breathe and be present on the carpet and outside the carpet.

It's so easy to grab things like the same old way out of the habit. To raise to the next level, try to set your sights and practices in one or two specific positions or in a concentration area. ] What do you need to do to raise your training program and / or business aspect to the next level?

Q: I enjoy relaxing music in the classroom. Where

A : Some of my playlists have been posted on iTunes – follow Carolyn Weininger. For a wide variety of yoga music, go to .

Consider what happens to the mood and the ability to relax when it comes to the power of music.

Q: How do Yoga Benefits Work and Life Benefit?

A : The purpose of Yoga is to be fully present in the moment and in accordance with your body.

Regular, sustained practice of self-care is a fundamental basis for maintaining a high level of performance and satisfaction in the workplace and in life.

For you: What is the most important thing in applying for self-care practice? What are the benefits of regular yoga (or alternative) practice?

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