How to get rid of the pain of yoga

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Who would have thought that some simple poses calm down headaches, back pain, and other pains that many suffer? I totally blown away when I learned that yoga practitioner gets rid of headaches. If I had known many years ago, I would never have suffered a bruising headache as a teenager. Here are some simple steps to get rid of your pain until the New Year.

Headache, stress and anxiety
Headache, stress and anxiety threaten everyday activities? Try to stand on your knees, sit on your feet on the floor. Inhale deeply and exhale and leave the forehead on the floor with five or ten breaths. Your arms are resting peacefully on your side. Continue the deep breathing, imagine breathing air directly into the confused area. When you're ready for this post, breathe deeply and slowly lift your head off the floor.

Back pain?
Try to lie on your back on the floor. Inhale deeply, and as you breathe out, hug your knees over your chest. Hold this position for five to ten breaths, as you slump from side to side to massage your lower back to the floor. When you leave the wand, exhale your feet to the floor and lie back, breathe more smoothly for another five to ten breaths before turning to the right and slowly rise into a comfortable sitting position. Try this number as many times as you need during the day.

Another excellent backache position lies on the floor (in full length). Begin deeply with inhalation and exhalation. Inhalation raise your arms and feet to your own degree and keep two or two breaths. Then release them and let them expel. Try this as often as you want. Get out and breathe your hands and knees.

Hip pain?
Do you feel a development in your hip joint when you get up from the seat to the walk? Try this simple report and feel the pain disappears. Sit on the floor cross-legged (crisscross applesauce). Sit high, deep inhaled, and then exhaling while standing in front of your own (self). Continue deep breathing for five to ten breaths. When you're ready to get out of that pose, breathe in while holding your hand and slowly ascending the floor.

Practice these kisses as often as you can and discover new tranquility and make the New Year painful.

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