How to create a Princess-themed yoga class – perfect birthdays and kids yoga classes

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Princesses are liked by little girls. Three of my dear girls were two princess fans. I lost to me how many princesses, princess costumes and princess cupcakes I am responsible for organizing and creating. So if you are in a similar situation and you have a special little princess in your life who is looking for something for a princess and fun, then luck is because this article is about how to create a princess-related yoga watch. It's fun, easy, and includes the court of the princess and the closest friends and counselors.

First you have to determine what princess is desirable. Personally, I like my princes to be friendly, adventurous, creative, problem-solving, graceful, complete integrity, compassionate, and delightful chocolate lovers. Most often I represent the Dancers Pose to represent the princess.

The princess needs a side kick, usually an animal with which she shares her adventures and dreams. I often let the kids in the class / party choose the side kick and name it. There are a few possibilities for dogs, cats, frogs, mice, donkeys, rabbits, tigers, etc. If there is no proper yoga pose, let us invent an opportunity that allows children to be creative and physical. Princess can start. This step often involves a fun place (Nile River, Amazon Forest, European City, Magical Island) or villain (wizard, witch, landlord, tenant, etc.) in the ideal world of the princess. .

Accelerating Dragon Breathing (deep breathing and deep breathing fire) and sleeping beauty (yawning and stretching).

Adventure begins. "Once upon a time …"

The rivers can cross a boat (boat boat), the mountains (mountain trails), the magic texts (19459003) beautiful gardens (Flower Pose), visit the Great Pyramids (Pyramid Pose) swim with dolphins (Dolphin Pose), etc. Your imagination is the limit.

During his adventures, the princess meets new friends like Warrior and Dragon, who help him defeat the villain and save the world. This is often combined with magic and character strength. Remember your childhood tales and create a wonderful, heart-warming conclusion to your adventure that combines all the loose goals. Personally, I like to drink the magical nectar of Lotus Pose, which can only be eaten with a "pure heart" so that the princess can defeat all enemies and defeat all the evil.

Changing the yoga game Swami Says tells the dignified goddess to look at the multitude of poses used in her adventure.

As always, download the yoga work with a relaxing Corpse Pose as a princess and a court for a well-earned rest.

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