How Does Yoga Use Special Needs Children?

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Yoga and the kids are together. Children move, explore their world, and physically and mentally contribute to understanding themselves and their surroundings. Yoga is a Perfect Opportunity

As yoga has gained popularity and medical recognition, it has achieved positive results with the special needs of individuals and groups. Yoga for Children:


– Autism

– Brain paralysis

– Down syndrome, and others need it.

Although yoga is not a "magic" heal, it will stimulate physical activity, increase self-esteem, ease the symptoms, promote positive social interactions, muscle tone and flexibility, as well as providing a number of other benefits. Yoga poses or asanas are especially beneficial for improving weaknesses and eliminating strengths. Using photos of animals or tiny stuffed animals that coordinate the pole, help focus on children and have multiple learning skills. Poses can easily be fitted to meet physical limits and special requirements.


Teaching Children Yoga breathing is one of the greatest benefits of yoga. Yoga breathing increases the function and capacity of the lungs. It also provides a reassuring tool that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, allowing children to function independently of their emotional and physical needs.


and the focus. Visualizations and reinforcements help children gain access to inner strengths. Progressive muscle relaxation attracts the mind's increasing body connections and consciousness. In addition, relaxation releases oxytocin, a feeling of hormone and gives a feeling of peace and acceptance.

A child's yoga instructor who has special needs can be difficult. The best place to look at is the local Yoga Association, as there are qualified instructors in the geographic region. Alternatively, you can go to a reputable studio where you may be interested in children or special needs. The yoga community is based on a sharing, so even if you can not meet your needs or you can not answer your questions, you will know someone who can.

As yoga fits into the life of a child with special needs, its enormous benefits. They can be physically, emotionally or mentally. Often, after one session, children will become more aware of their body and emotions. With regular practice, these positive relationships are enhanced, leading to better health, improved ability to fight and increased optimism.

Yoga should be used in conjunction with a certified doctor. Please continue all prescribed medications and follow the recommended health and wellness practices.

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