How do we teach Yoga or the deepening of your own practice?

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If you have been practicing yoga for quite some time, you may have been interested in teaching yoga to other people or deepening your yoga practice. But, as you have learned, you have taught yoga to others, or have developed your own yoga practice, you need other skills than a yoga student.
So what makes a good yoga teacher? When students feel better after class than before class, they can feel good with what they do with them. In addition, if you can help students get to know their bodies and emotions better and accept their bodies and emotions better, they have done their job. A great yoga teacher who is a skilled teacher, is also an interesting yoga student. It is important to create and maintain your own daily practice to become a better teacher. There are some things you can never learn from books or other people's teachings so that you can only learn (and pass it on to your students) to consistently do your own yoga practice.

Regardless of the type of yoga you teach, you can follow some guidelines to provide a wonderful practice for your students or yourself. By combining the following teaching strategies, you can improve your students' and your own experience.

Setting Objects and Themes . Learn about the class's needs by asking students what they are looking for in yoga exercises. This will help determine whether it is more important to focus on certain topics, such as stress relief, improving energy levels, back pain, strength, flexibility, and so on. every time and keep it interesting.

Learn and share the benefits of yoga positions and breathing exercises . Studies have shown that the effects of student body training and the effects of their practice increase motivation and practical correspondence. Getting to know the specific benefits increases motivation.

Remember students (and yourself) to breathe and focus their practice on their breath . If we are in a difficult situation, we all tend to keep breath. Remind your students (or yourself) to breathe completely and deeply. Focusing on the breath, attention turns inward and deepens practice and stops the mind and affects the present moment better.

Practically Effective Presentation Skills . Okay, it's just for those who teach others. Keep in mind that you have to deal with each student through the class. Make sure that it comes into contact with all parts of the class. Stand high with your arms to be calm on your side to give confidence, yet openness.

Learn your material . The only way to really feel confident in teaching Yoga or developing your own practice is to know the material. This means that we understand the effects of Yoga poses and practices and understand the benefits and understanding of Yoga philosophy and history.

Be a good communicator .

Yoga class teaching is different from talking to friends or teaching an individual. It is important to be clear and concise – using too many words can break the flow of the class and cause more confusion than student help.

Help students develop their inner consciousness (or their own development)

Remember students (or yourself) to focus on a feeling of a movement, not how it looks, or how to compare others. Encourage students to focus on the sense of penetration and breath inward. This helps students (or you) stay in the moment and combine movement and air. The purpose of yoga is not to get into certain positions, to get to know the moment better, and to have a better understanding of our bodies and movements, and to move our body and mind healthily through movement and focus. Being a great yogi means understanding and accepting your mind and body and taking time to take care of both.

Experience Yoga Practice . Whether you would deepen your own practice or teach yoga to others, you are committed to your daily yoga practice, even if it only takes 20 minutes. This is the only way to really understand your students and how yoga can make life better. I can tell you that every day in yoga practice I learn a new thing that I can share with my students or what is good for my own practice. In your own yoga experience you will learn things you will never find in a yoga book.

Experience the principles of yoga on the carpet . This means letting go of the judgment with yourself and others, releasing the competition. Letting go of expectations and making time easy, listening to your breath and getting to know the present moment, not to mention things that have already happened or something that worries you. When you feel stress, learn to stop for a few minutes and simply focus on your breath. In general, you find that there is no problem at this moment, only peace if you decide to accept it.

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