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Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga is a form of yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970s. It is in a room heated to about 38 ° C, and contains 26 station sequences that are designed to encourage all systems in the organization. Some benefits of heat treatment:

• muscles are more flexible and therefore less prone to injury
• the body burns fat more efficiently
• sweating promotes the body in detoxification
• suitable for all ages from beginners to experienced yogis [19659002] Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute open eye meditation that reduces stress, soothes and concentrates the mind.

When I met my first class, I was surprised! It was like an aerobics class, a performer with a microphone, and the small signs on the floor to show where to place the carpets. Surely I was a little doubt. I was told I was standing back as if I was a beginner (I was happy with it, I loved being in the back) and keeping my eyes and trying to try every report.

We started with a breathing training that prepares your class. From here we started the permanent series (12 pose), then the floor series (14 pose) was finished with the purifying breath. The positions did not differ from the yoga that I did earlier, except for those that were made in a certain format, holding the same classes, and performing each position twice. Some do not like this because they believe that yoga makes different poses every time, and that is a bit boring, but Bikram is just a yoga. The reason why we do the reports in the same format is because each pose prepares for the next one, and it is becoming more and more challenging as it goes. I really enjoy this Bikram aspect because it allows me to gauge how I improved from class to class.

Bikram is actually for the beginner Yogii, and you only focus on yourself, not on others, so you don't have to feel self-conscious. If you are back at the first start, there are students in front of you who are a bit more experienced and have participated in Bikram before, so you can see them if you are not sure what to do, although the instructor will always walk around the room and fix it.

I really like Bikram Yoga. For me, this is a general training that creates strength and flexibility, increases aerobic fitness (yes, yoga can do it). Wonderful for your skin, face and body. Always remember to take a shower or swim right after the class because sweating removes toxins from the body and does not want to stay on the skin. Your skin will shine and become more vibrant.

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