Hissing Cobra – Yoga

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Benefits Forced release from air and toxins at the bottom of the lung

Focus Keep as little ground as possible on the ground as far as you can before penetrating your body. Hiss as loud as you can for the utmost benefit. If you are in a longer progression position, keep your arms closed, lift your abdominal muscles as you hiss.

Sit on the corner of the floor. Bend forward and stretch out your arms in front of you, palm flat on the floor. Inhalations.

He was knocking on his mouth (hissing the sound), sling his chin and his chest along the floor. Keep your hips.

Push your arms up and hold the body with closed elbows; throw his head back, put his back on it, and stretch across his belly. Continue the hiss until you completely empty your lungs.

When you run out, breathe while sitting on its corner, standing in front of your arms and palms flat on the floor.

Repeat the Hissing Cobra six more times, hissing as you advance and inhale as you sit in the corner. Do not be a bit of a breath in the center.

Sit on his heel with the arms outstretched and his head on the floor. Relax and notice how clean your lungs are.

Advantages Improves the Circle of the Abdominal Area

It liberates the tension between the abdomen, the chest, and the chest and relaxes the muscles of the abdomen. on the back to breathe more easily and deeply

Focus on focusing on and extending all muscles, even the face. As you stretch your muscles, imagine your body as tight as a guitar string. When you release tension, it looks as soft as a rag doll.

Behind her back lies behind her, your arms and legs wide, palms facing her body resemble a star-shaped shape [19659002] The deep breath and then exhalation. Keep your breath 7-digit while stretching and stretching your arm and pushing the back of your hands to the floor. Leave your feet softer.

Relax and relax.

Inhaling and then exhaling. Hold your breath on a number 7 while stretching and stretching your legs while guiding your toes to the floor. Leave the upper body soft. Push the lower part of the floor and tighten the abdominal muscles and the bottom.

Relax and Relax

Inhaling and then exhaling. Keep your breath 7 digits as you stretch your right arm and left leg diagonally through your body, pointing your toes and fingers.

Relax and relax. Keep your breath 7 digits as you move your left arm and right leg diagonally across your body, pointing your toes and fingers. Exhale and relax.

Inhalation and then exhalation. Hold your breath for 7 digits as you drag your arms and legs. Fit the back of your hand and your back to the floor and tighten all your muscles, including your face.

Relax while exercising 3 full yoga breaths.

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