Healthy nutrition for the baby

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Every new parent wants to be the best for newborns, including good nutrition, which allows parents to give their children a healthy start in life.

Many times, parents do not take into account the health of children through the development of the immune system through proper nutrition. This article provides parents with basic advice to help the baby's immune system become pregnant and healthy in the first year.

Pregnancy: Women should keep in mind that the product they feed has a direct impact on the unborn child. Keeping the good minerals, vitamins and other supplements as well as proper hydration keep the mother healthy.

Support for the immune system and development of babies is recommended by experts and also claim that food is rich in protein foods, such as lean meats, soybeans, legumes and foods such as broccoli, blueberries and potatoes rich in antioxidants.

First Year: Before giving birth, babies develop and receive antibodies from the mother. Anti-maternal antibodies provide the baby's initial immunity but rapidly decline after birth. When a baby develops, the mother begins to decrease her own antibodies.

Breastfeeding is another highly recommended way of delivering immune defense in the form of postnatal antibodies. We advise that the mother breastfeed at least in the first year of life.

Antibodies help keep the infant healthy; This is Bridget Swinney, a dietician, mother and author, "Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Children: A Practical and Delicious Guide to Your Child's Food". According to Swinney, if a mother responds to a baby's nutrition or supplements it, she should look for a vasal formula that is close enough to breast milk, such as Similac Advance

. Infant milk-specific breast milk nucleotides are compounds and clinical studies have shown that the nucleotide mix of Similac Advance helps to build the infant's immune system.

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