Healthy Nutrition: A Guide to Nutritious Foods

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He wanted to start healthy eating so he found the latest diet. Was this a low carb diet? What about Low Fat? Or maybe low cholesterol and less sodium?

You were closely following each other for a whole two weeks, then you left because the results were not there … In most cases these lost diets are too complex and unrealistic. That is why I'm going to explain that eating can be made simpler with consuming the right foods.

When everything has been said and done, nutrition is not really that complicated. It consumes all natural, healthy foods. This means not too elaborate, for example: white bread, cake, cereal, chips, candies or deserts.

But it takes fun!

Yes, but unfortunately none of the aforementioned foods will have any benefits to nourish your body. Probably the sugar will be a pleasant rush, and you can experience that too familiar crashes.

If you really want to eat a healthy diet and keep up with the fresh fruits and vegetables you need: apples, oranges, berries, salads, spinach, tomatoes, avocados etc. you can easily choose from any product group on the local market.

These foods should be your "basic" food groups. In other words, all food should be based on fruits and vegetables.

High-quality protein source should also be added. Some great options are egg, fish, chicken or lean meat, for example, the top steak steak. Combine these with vegetables and will greatly improve your health and physique.

You noticed I did not pick up a real carbohydrate source yet. This does not mean that they are bad, but for those who seriously lose weight, the main carbohydrates must come from fruits and vegetables.

This means that there are great opportunities for healthy carbohydrates that will not extend the waistline. For the best results, whole grain crops such as Ezekiel bread, steel cut oatmeal, or even fresh popcorn are applicable.

Other good sources of good carbohydrates include legumes, quinoa and brown rice. These carbohydrates are especially useful when practicing on later days, as they are less digested than fruits.

Last but not least, healthy fats. Many people think that they will lose weight by avoiding fats; however, avoiding bad fats effectively blocks weight loss efforts.

Some examples of healthy fats: avocado, almond and olive oil. Something that's all the same? These are monounsaturated fats and help reduce weight loss and poor cholesterol levels.

By mixing different foods, you can find hundreds of tasty foods that not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also help you feel healthy. Starting with the main fruits and vegetables, they add a source of protein, a quality carbohydrate and a healthy fats source.

If you keep insisting on this, you will never kill a bowl of ice cream or cookies. You can still enjoy the sweet things in life.

Stick to the basics, buy full foods, and be healthy.

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