Hatha yoga teaching: private lessons

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How much do you have to pay for a private yoga lesson? Differently? Why are there yoga teachers doing private lessons while other yoga instructors are practicing yoga classes almost exclusively?

Private yoga classes change at prices and the average private session in Beverly Hills will cost higher. The experience of a yoga teacher is also an important factor. Therefore, experience and location have a lot to do with private sessions; but how do you know the fair market value?

How do you avoid "selling yourself short?" Students expect more value and realize that private yoga sessions are more expensive than regular yoga classes.

One step is to compare the notes with local yoga teachers and personal trainer. If you teach in a health club, local yoga teachers and personal trainers, many people are happy to help you.

If personal trainers with similar experience spend more than you, their prices are usually too low. Why? Some personal trainer can do a 200-500 hour course. but many do not, unless they have a college degree in physical education, which has more experience than most yoga teachers.

Most yoga instructors have completed 200-500 hours of yoga training. The lessons of a yoga teacher deserve a similar private session if the work experience is similar to a personal trainer.

How to avoid yoga students who organize meetings and do not see the planned private law session? A solid 24-hour cancellation policy must be applied. Yoga students must stop the 24-hour mark if an emergency occurs. Your time is valuable, and you also teach yoga to someone who visits the appointment.

Sometimes yoga students are organizing meetings, not canceling or not appearing. After the student has done this, a private yoga session must be held with a non-refundable deposit or booking fee.

This may seem tough, but he moved to the yoga studio, set up everything, wait and the student does not appear. In fact, the question is how many yoga teachers are ready to waste their time before reacting.

How it works: If my private interest rate is $ 80, $ 40 is required to make a reservation and a $ 40 balance on arrival. If the student does not show up, he will lose the deposit.

This rule is only for those yoga students whose history did not appear for appointments. It took a lot of abuse before implementing this policy, but nowadays everybody comes to lonely yoga classes on time.

Why are there yoga teachers who take private lessons while others are just organizing yoga classes? Two factors are present. If your situation or the student's situation is high, then you will be required to negotiate in the geographic area.

In addition, it has a bearing on marketing efforts. Describe your office and website. In the Yoga Studio, you want to show signs that students know about teaching their private law. Some market research shows that people see the same message seven times before they react.

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