Hatha yoga teaching: Cueing Insights

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Have you ever heard the Yoga Teacher's Note? Have you ever wondered if cueing is actually about yoga teacher training? Let's look at some of the common mistakes yoga teachers are trying to show.

Most yoga students will retain information if they actually do a technique. Some studies estimate 90% of people are learning "doing". By comparison, just a few percent (10-20%) of the yoga students retain what they show or hear.

Below are some examples of what to do if you can never do yoga students.

Introverted yoga instructor

Over the last decades, introverted yoga teachers have been considered one of the most beloved, hottest and most gentle souls on this planet. If you fall into this category, there is the highest barrier to you.

For your own yoga students, please set a voice recorder in the room where you teach. When you have time, listen to me. If you do not hear anything or the students.

You practice this or find a "coach" who empowers you to talk. An honest friend, a yoga teacher or a professional speaking coach could easily improve his life greatly. This is not necessarily a problem for "vocal" yoga teachers, but it is very difficult for us to "speak".

The "Hey You" Yoga Instructor

Speaking of the vocal yoga teachers; Did anybody ever hear a yoga teacher calling the student's name to correct it? It sounds like this: "Hey Dave, turn your feet back in 45 degrees!" Some students come to yoga teachers for stress management or self-esteem. Do we all know each other?

First introduce the Asana, then show it and repeat it lightly if "Dave" does not catch you. If you still do not get it, go on and help him – if it's allowed. It can help other students or at least observe the other students, the way, Dave or there. Never intentionally draws attention to a difficult student. We teach yoga, and we must always show our compassion for our students.

"You can not do anything in my yoga class" Teacher

Do not forget Ahimsa (no injury) and always constructive. If your cue is to reinforce your ego, this is bad and all of your students will feel it. Yoga Teacher-Ethics teaches us to help and help without harm.

Yoga students enter a yoga class to improve their lives, and this is what the yoga teaches. The yoga class is tailored to the yoga student. The aim of the Yoga Teacher is to gently guide students to the best path without ego.

© Copyright 2007 – Paul Jerard / Aura Publications

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