Hair loss natural cure

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Most cases of hair loss, about 90%, are caused by Androgens or inheritance. Medical Diagnosis: Degeneration of hair follicle. As a result, the hair falls, but never grows back. Chemical solutions are associated with many unwanted side effects that result in natural growth of people. This article offers some unusual natural solutions to stop hair loss and hair growth.

Another 10% of hair loss is related to hormonal changes, genetics, lack of food for hair follicles, lack of minerals and amino acids, use of chemical hair dyes, unbalanced diet and greasy scalp that can prevent hair growth. For some mental reasons, it may mean too much tension, anxiety or anxiety.

There are natural healthy, effective methods for managing hair loss and avoiding chemical side effects. You do not feel immediate change, but you will see the difference over time. All of these solutions are effective when the body's nutrition is balanced. Balances the diet with the treatments.

first The scalp massage with 3 types of oil –

Massages her head for two days, each time with different oils: olive, ricinus and wheat germ. Use a lukewarm oil and leave the hot towel on your head, half an hour after the massage.

2nd Blood Flow –

On your head, you can improve blood flow to the scalp. This is very important as blood flow nourishes the hair follicle

3. Eat Biotin Rich Food –

Green peas, nuts, brown rice, seeds and nuts are all rich in biotin.

4th Minerals –

Zinc is very important for building and recovering body tissues and cells. The normal daily zinc consumption is about 15 milligrams.
Iron is also very important, iron carries oxygen to body cells. The lack of iron can cause hair loss. Adults should take about 18 milligrams a day.

5th Plants Saw Palmetto –

This is a kind of miniature palm trees growing on the American coast. They have been studied to help stop the hair loss process.

6th Avoid using chemicals –

Avoid all chemicals that are related to hair treatment. The allergic reaction weakened the hair follicle.

7th Lucerne –

Lucerne is very rich in minerals. It is possible to buy powder and a spoon with freshly pressed carrot juice.

These are all natural ideas that helped a lot of people. Like almost everything in life, look further. Never give up, look for information, try the solutions, and always find the cure you're looking for.

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