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Question from my clients all the time: "Is it okay to work on an empty stomach?" And my answer is always NO! It is impossible for the body to burn fat in an empty stomach! You may feel tired by the end of your workout, and you may be working poorly to work hard to compensate for the lack of fuel in your workout. It's really simple, you can't drive a car on smoke; you need a full tank to get where you want to go. The body works the same way

At one point the hip would have been, and people followed this false advice. Now, research shows that calories burned in the empty stomach are much smaller than they eat before. But before a workout, you can't gorging before a huge meal. Instead, gym participants should consume a small meal of 200-300 calories in a suitable mixture of protein, carbohydrate and fat, either solid or liquid (protein drink). Such snacks increase metabolism, prevent blood sugar levels, and provide better fat burning / muscle building responses

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, for physical activity, the body needs to support glucose with proper muscle function. Glucose is actually a modified amino acid obtained from food. Exercising in an empty stomach deprives the body of glucose, which makes it slow during exercise and reduces performance. Lack of food is the body's inability to form amino acids. Converted amino acid (also called glucose) supplies the body with energy, which requires hardening and will see the results.

Usually we practice the day in the early morning hours or at night to finish our day. Early birds have the advantage of eating for the rest of the day and regaining their muscles so they can see the results. If you are a night owl, don't worry; in the future it is also useful and useful in practice. It still improves lean muscle mass, fat loss and the fight against unhealthy nutrition. Whatever your situation, you should eat at least 30 minutes before your workout to start metabolism, the body's natural fat burning furnace.

If you still have questions about whether or not to eat before training, you remember that the body is like any other living thing; you need to feed it to grow. You may feel as if you were consuming calories, wiping out the practice, but actually allowing your body to better manage your workout physically and mentally. During training you will be stronger and maximize your gym.

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