Good salt, bad salt – learn the difference

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The primary problem, many people assume that we need to significantly reduce our salt intake, so this is the current focus. It seems those who have decided that our salt intake should be reduced if we are unaware of the important role that unprocessed sea salt plays in its entirety. Unfortunately, the processed table salt, which consumes the most daily, removes minerals (except sodium). It is then bleached and aluminum (brain toxin) is added so it is easier to flow. Salters therefore only regard taste, appearance, and comfort, nutritional value is not yet taken into account. Critical mineral potassium as well as numerous minerals have been removed. Salt plays a "critical role" at cellular level. An important issue for natural unprocessed salt is the sodium and potassium content required to maintain the sodium and potassium pumps. It is responsible for ensuring that nutrients (including glucose) enter the cell effectively and the toxins can be efficiently removed

The salt promotes the production of hydrochloric acid, protein digestion and digestion of minerals, bacterial destruction and virus. The salt is also beneficial for absorption, excessive removal of the mucous membrane and intestinal tract. Salt will even help to maintain water if needed. This "only sodium" is found in the processed salt, which contributes to fluid retention, which may occasionally contribute to increased blood pressure. Natural sea salt also contains organic iodine (with more than 80 ionic minerals), which is important for optimal thyroid function and thus for metabolism that affects our energy levels. It may be even more important how our body can use glucose

. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. he addressed this issue when he stressed that if we do not get the right amount of natural sea salt, it will be difficult to control our blood sugar. It is obvious that all II. It's an important question for a type of diabetes, I think we can easily understand why this is true. For example, if the sodium potassium pump is not mineral-rich, glucose penetration into the cell is less effective, making it difficult for insulin to work. We can say that the absence of "full salt" would contribute to insulin resistance! The less glucose enters the cells, the greater the fatigue and the higher the blood sugar level (and the insulin level). Then, we must not forget that iodine in the total salt is important for thyroid function. In fact, at times, the proper iodine may itself help to relieve the hypothyroid state (low thyroid). Optimal thyroid function is important to maintain a healthy body temperature, which is vital to the efficacy of the enzyme 3000, which plays a number of different body functions. Laboratory studies revealed that even a slight decrease in body temperature (thyroid function) resulted in decreased activity of enzymes. Also, 47 known conditions are associated with the condition of the low thyroid gland. Most common conditions include depression, fatigue, fluid retention, and elevated cholesterol levels.

The Surprising Thyroid / Diabetic Relationship

The thyroid hormone is again responsible for the production of energy, glucose. This can help explain Dr. Brodah Barnes's discovery many years ago. He found that after the patient's thyroid function was normalized, the symptoms of diabetes were resolved – this is a great discovery! After making sure that patients have good iodine (an important part of thyroid hormone), they often require natural "thyroid thyroid" hormone, which is cheap but very effective. Otherwise, you can not expect to get the same results from prescribed thyroid medicines. They have many side effects and interact with many commonly prescribed medications (only artificial T4). Also, there is a lack of ingredients (including much more active T-3s) found in the Armor Thyroid

So there are at least two simple, inexpensive methods that can easily reduce insulin resistance. Fat cells can then block insulin receptors and weight loss (if needed) may be useful. The abdominal area's visceral (internal) fat is most disturbing when it comes to insulin resistance.

Reducing the low dietary modification of blood glucose is often reduced by replacing low appetite suppressive drugs with low glycemic indexes. Subsequently, replacement of water containing sweeteners (including non-calorie sweeteners) may be sufficient to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Then trace minerals, chromium picolinate, 1000mcg and vanadyl sulfate (15mg) may, if necessary, reduce insulin resistance. Even the spicy cinnamon proved useful.

After a meal, only a few minutes of exercise will usually help relieve excess sugar in the blood stream. There are many ways to stabilize your blood sugar and insulin (without medicines). The problem is that the medicines for diabetes really exhaust the nutrients needed to produce "quality insulin". Thus, they really promote insulin resistance

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