Football and Yoga – What should all footballers know about the benefits of yoga?

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Looking for a ball? Do not laugh, but you want to look at yoga.

You may have been like a few years ago, thinking that yoga is for women.

But once you find out all that yoga can improve the game, you can do a little more serious yoga.

Some NFL players (Troy Polamalu, Ricky Williams and TJ Houshmandzadeh to mention just a few) were raised for yoga. [19659002] I've found that one of the simplest ways to influence behavior is education, so let me share the yoga exercise on the football pitch briefly.


Improving flexibility is one of the most common benefits of yoga

You can not play games on the sidelines and improving flexibility can reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, movement can improve your performance.

However, you want to be cautious and not get too "flexible". The elasticity of ballet dancers is not necessarily for football.

There are several benefits to increase flexibility. If I started to list the benefits, I would not be able to match what I would like to say in this article.

You might want to try to see or google to get to know all the methods to help athletically.

Did you know that bad posture could put pressure on your joints, spine, muscles and nerves?

The American Medical Athletics Association came to the conclusion that these conditions could seriously damage their athletic performance.

If yoga "poses" correctly, they help to improve body alignment.


As I said before, football can not be played on the ground.

Balance for footballers is crucial, especially when you are close to scrimmage, where you are in contact with each game. 19659002] Full Body Performance

Power plays a huge role in generating the energy you need to find out on the winning side of the collision you will be facing with gridiron. In fact, there is a yoga called "power" yoga that focuses on the development of strength and flexibility

But even if you do not do yoga yoga, there are more yoga poses in other styles, which also exert your strength.

Core Strength

If you are not the core body strength, the fundamental force is so overlooked and important, I felt that the yoga's advantage deserves to be your own body [19659002] The on-the-spot advantages of a strong core (eg, explosion improvement and change of directional change capabilities) are numerous.

Mind-Body Coordination

You've probably heard that your coach says "believe me what you see." In other words, he asks you to respond quickly to what you see fast.

No matter what position you are playing, you must be able to quickly "read and react quickly" if you want to dominate.

Yoga helps develop the mind-body coordination.

There are some yoga techniques that will help you mentally.

Other mental benefits (concentration, focus, mental light, calmness, improved memory)

Take for example the Dharana, where she keeps her mind in one place, instead of being a miracle. Such techniques increase mental strength, which in turn increases its ability to concentrate.

Yoga's intellectual benefits are virtually infinite as a football player.

Imagine responding faster, simplifying your game book, making better decisions, and even managing the great pressure and stress of great toys.


Must face it. Football is brutal sport. If you play football for a long time, is going to cause injury.

Yoga is a great way to preserve your strength, elasticity, and general physical fitness as he heals from injuries.

One of the worst part of the injury is the worry that hard work during the off-season falls because you can not move like your injury.

Yoga can help you [1961:002] Better Body Detection

Accept that you have never thought about body recognition before, but that can be a great help on gridiron. ] As the name goes away, the body's consciousness is about becoming more and more aware of the body and the signs it is constantly giving.

Most players slip into the autopilot and ignore the marks they give their bodies. This can be a decisive mistake

Yoga helps you to know your limitations and strengths, both of which are essential to prevent injuries.

As mentioned above, you can not play

Although training is very important, proper rest is just as important and over-training is a problem that can mislead you long.

There is a difference between the hard workout and the hard workout. your body tells you that you are on the edge of over-training.

Do you know how to tell the difference?

If not, you will begin to understand yoga's strength and how the field can help you

All these benefits and more are yours with consistent yoga practice.

Good luck.

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