Food foods are not high fructose corn syrup

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If you understand High Fructose Maize Syrup (HFCS), then there may be a great deal of contradictory reports about it. You may have thought: Are you completely scary to me like the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) advertisements? (Uhh, less conflicts of interest?) Probably not. Is this the pure poison that all natural protesters say? Mmm … probably not that. What was surprising about all that WebMD and Time Magazine said about this: [BothpeoplefirmlytooktheviewthattheAmericanMedicalAssociationhasshownthatHFCSdoesnotcontributetoobesityasothertypesofsugarsOneofthecertaintyisthatitisNOTnaturaleventhoughthewhole"madeofcorn"argumentItisnotfoundinnatureandneedsmoreenzymatictreatmentAtthispointnoonecansayit'snaturalnow?(TheCRA'sgoodeffortthough)DoestheHFCSdosomethingwrongwithus?ThejuryisstilloutAsTimehascontinuedtheproblemisthattheHFCScontainseverythingfromcerealstoeggsevenforchildrenReallyvitamins?Overallwejusteattoomuch

So what did the WebMD & Time Mag said? The answer is a oldie-but-goodie clich̩: Moderation in everything. Here's a little homework for a long journey Рand where Calorista comes in to save the day! There are some foods that are easy to find without the HFCS version, and then cut back where you can.

Grain is a food for which it is easy to find HFCS-free options. There are several options available in the usual grocery store. Kashi is one. If you like Go Lean Cereals, then everyone is set. Not so much … but I like their ecological promise, Strawberry Fields and Vive. If you want to skip to the natural part, try Health Valley Granola Grain or Peace Essential 10.

Sorry, many favorite grains do not contain HFCS like Fiber One of the honey cluster (in fact, almost all Fiber One Cereals), most Kellogg's All Bran Cereals and the Special K grains.

These guys recently cut HFCS from the 120-calorie Double Honey Wheat version and the lightweight 100-calorie version. Since this muffin super mega is awesome, it's obviously a fantastic news. Good work, Thomas.

– A wonderful ordinary grocery store does not have HFCS bread in nature with its own organic flour bread – 100 calories (1 large slice) and super-savvy and crazy too. This is the only bread I'm taking.

Vibrant Cakes and Muffins: This is a tougher one – most snack muffins and cakes with HFCS. However, Vitalicious 100 calories VitaCakes are not, which is pretty super because it's tasty and MEGA is healthy.

Kellogg NEW Granola Bars: These new 130 calorie goddess grenades are HFCS-free with 9 grams of fiber, antioxidants, cholesterol and low sodium. The dark chocolate almond flavor is chocolate, rich, almond-y and chewy. Once again, the Fiber One granola bars have HFCS, so these Kellogg bars are a new, great option if you want high fiber, no HFCS rods.

Arnold Sandwich Thins: The thin buns are so IN! These new 100-calorie thin compounds are fairly smooth: they are part of soft pastry, partly tasty bread, partial English muffins. This multi-colored taste of oats and seeds is super tasty. Not to mention that there is no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), no cholesterol, almost no fat, and high fiber and protein. The fact that they are even better than the English muffins is that they are light and smooth. Quite perfect! Now if I can get Arnold to taste my favorite honey …

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