Flexibility exercises or yoga

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So, what do you think, right?

Flexibility is well defined because the joints or parts of the body are able to move throughout the movement. Flexibility plays an important role in our lives, as we would like to do with bending bending like our everyday activities, etc. It helps the muscles move. Flexibility, however, decreases with age, so it is very important to include flexibility exercises in the daily workout. It should be understood that flexibility and stretching are two different things. The stretch is used to improve flexibility and only a flexible body can stretch it wide.

Flexibility is achieved by flexible exercises or yoga stretching exercises. Exercises such as stretching help elasticity, but most exercises, as we know, involve sprain and fast movements that sometimes cause tension, fatigue and damage to tissues, joints, etc. Muscle pain and chances of injury too. Pulling exercises do not involve rough moves, but consist of very gradual movements.

Although almost any type of exercise is aimed at increasing flexibility, but in most forms, the increase in flexibility is too nominal to be considered. Yoga stretching is the most effective way to increase body resilience. Most exercises work only on a physical level, while yoga stretching is something that works both physically and mentally. Yoga in the brain and in the body works together, and so is the balance of energy. Yoga focuses on improving the capacity of the lungs, toning muscles, increasing flexibility and preventing muscle pain. faster recovery of muscles, and so on. Yoga also helps to relax the tight muscles. Stretch socks can also be released through the practice of yoga. But in order to enjoy the good practice of yoga and the excellent benefits of yoga poses, which are said to combine the soul of the body with the cosmic soul of the universe of the world, it is indispensable a flexible body. Basic Yoga is designed to increase body resilience in order to be able to benefit from more complex poses.

The accumulation of lactic acid can contribute to muscle fatigue but yogic stretching can help release lactic acid from the muscle cells into the blood stream, thus preventing muscle contraction.

Yoga entails the movement of the whole body, and when it happens, the feeling of harmony and balance is visible. Thus, hostile muscles also form together to achieve elasticity more quickly, as these opposing muscles do not work against each other, but work with each other.

Some flexibility practices in yoga may include the following:

  • Forward / Backward Bending
  • Side Bending
  • Parvottuasana
  • Cobra posture
  • Sasankasana
  • Vajrasana

There are many types of yogasanas to improve flexibility. The intensity of the aszán should be increased with time and practice and not immediately. So Yoga is a regular part of the workout and flexible.

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