Five Popular Nutrition Myths

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The nutrition area, more precisely, dieting is full of myths and half-truths. Every "expert" has an opinion and finds that followers desperately believe these opinions as truth. If it sounds good, you will probably find supporters. As a myth impels, it engages the popular culture. If it is built, it is very difficult to decide on myth. If you're listening to a magazine or television, it's a fact. Nutrition myths are a dozen dozen and the new ones are growing steadily. Below are five popular myths and why not.

first Genetics. If you have a bad genetics, you will not be able to lose weight, or if you lose weight, you will come back immediately. This is simply not true. Genetics play a strong role in people tend to gain weight, but they do not make them. Many people have genetically "encoded" some diseases, but with proper nutrition and health, avoiding their development. This also applies to obesity. Just because a person is prone to weight gain does not mean that he never reaches his ideal weight and maintains it. They may have to work harder than others, but they can do it. Truth in this myth is that these individuals need to be more vigilant because by sliding they can easily gain weight

. Salad myth. Many dieters think that whatever is a salad, healthy meal. It is true that a greenish green salad with some vegetables and a few dresses is healthy. However, many dietetic diets supplement their salad with chicken, ham, eggs, nuts, krutons, bacon or other large meals, making them unhealthy. Then they add nearly half a cup of salad dressing to suppress that little green color. Potential low calorie lettuce becomes a severe, calorie-laden clutter. This is equivalent to a dieter who goes to McDonald's and orders Big Mac, big fried potatoes and diet coke: "Because of their diet."

3rd Bread. Is wheat bread better than white bread? Bad. It's as bad as white bread. Wheat flour used in regular wheat bread is processed in the same way and can be easily converted into simple sugars such as white flour. Whole wheat flour is much better substitute if bread is needed. In fact, whole grain oats are a healthy substitute for all grains, such as grain.

4th Honey. Honey, give me the honey. Just because something is natural, it does not always make it better. Some people have been led to believe in honey that honey is a better alternative to sugar. Because they are natural, they are considered to be somewhat healthier substitutes. It's still sugar. It continues to cause blood glucose levels. Since there is no fiber in the slow absorption, it can be straight sugar.

5th Low fat = healthy. If a food is low in fat or no fat, is it really healthy? Maybe not. Many low-fat and non-fatty foods contain large amounts of sugar to improve their taste, thereby increasing their calories. The added sugar can cause blood glucose levels, causing spikes in the insulin, and deliver faster energy to the fat stores. Read the tags carefully and look at the ingredients. If sugar (any of the forms) is close to the list of ingredients, pass the little fat. Sometimes a regular fat version is a healthier choice in the long run.

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