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Our eating preferences start when we are children, so our food choices are governed by our experiences of food provided by our parents – and how parents (typically the mother) made the meal and how much they knew – and entered the menu – about nutrition and nutrition health. (And when we started school, we overwhelmed the dietary preferences of our parents with the menu of the school cafeteria!) The influence of the contemporaries of our young age can not be denied

Our choice of food is the taste and texture and our lifestyle, our health and of course the economic factor as well.

Another factor that affects our eating habits, education. Typically, as many people know about nutrition, the more cautious they are about their meals.

However, nutrition knowledge does not do much good if you do not have the money to buy a healthy diet. Pre-packaged and frozen foods are generally cheaper than fresh foods, so most often those who do not have the money or the time are prepared to prepare their daily meals. (On the other hand, businessmen who need to travel must find it difficult to get freshly cooked healthy meals as they can eat on a regular basis in restaurants and consume more alcohol than healthy ones in social rituals.)

Our eating habits can be restricted by our health. For example, diabetic individuals must meet certain diabetics, while people with heart problems should avoid salt. (Individuals who have not followed their diet usually do not live with it.)

Other factors: The convenience of eating – stopping in a fast-food – is much easier and faster than cooking an evening, eating a taste (adding salt foods can taste better, too much salt can be added to the diet), and of course, on-screen ads on television or appetite-stimulating giant plaques.

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