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There are no limits to the joys of motherhood and are correctly termed the ultimate dream of femininity. Competition for nine months is full of excitement, insecurity, and sometimes fear.

Expectations are great, so there are preparations as well. And the changing features of the mother's body devote more attention to managing the joyful adventure.

The Indians love eating, and this is probably the only aspect that is generously concerned with expectant mothers. This can sometimes lead to unpleasant results after pregnancy, loss of unwanted weight and endurance, apparently depressed outcomes for newborn mothers.

But careful planning can remove premature and post-natal blues and promote the baby's entire development even in the womb. Not surprisingly, the maternal uterus is the first learning platform for babies and scientific experiments can only accept the fact. For this reason, thousands of years ago, Indian yogists have developed techniques that help to create spiritual cohabitation for dual life forms that are related to maternal prosperity. Exercising yoga during work will rejuvenate both the bodies and even promote the child's proper development when entering the world.

"The Indians tend to be exaggerated in our expectations, which is in fact intact," says Vandana Trivedi, practicing and trainer for 20 years. He points out that, due to such concerns, expectant mothers are boring and uneasy at work. Rather, they are very active in life. It is easily accessible with yoga, which helps you move quickly and post-pregnancy recovery.

Meeting Vandana turned out to be a blessing in disguise Anuradha Pradhan, Marketing Communication Specialist. "I met him when I was six months pregnant, and my meetings all my pain melted and energized me until the last day of my pregnancy," he said. "I started with many doubts and fears in my mind, but I was able to deliver a lot of positive energy from me."

Ancient wisdom tells a lot about creating an appropriate platform for the offending child. Patanjali yog sutra mentions some fruitful techniques that can help create a favorable environment in the womb. It is thought that yoga practice during pregnancy greatly improves the physical and mental development of the child.

And then it's more advantageous if the couple waiting is doing the asanas together. "It has a good impact on the trio," says Vandana, "and the father's involvement ends the circle, which creates a spiritual bond between the family, which certainly leads to better understanding and healthy relationships. "

The pre and post-natal workshop helps pregnant parents in the fight against pregnancy blues

Vandana's techniques are very simplified and easier to follow, as opposed to the complicated version of yoga practice. the effects of sound and music on the embryo, after which we can practice the comfort of the home through the workforce and then afterwards.

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