Everyone's strongest meditation

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The most powerful meditation available is as old as mankind itself. Many believe that meditation comes from orientation. This is not true. Meditation, as the practice of keeping the mind and emotions, is part of all the civilizations of the world and unsuccessful. Christians, Jews, and Muslims always pray for meditation. Throughout Asia, meditation has always played a central role in Buddhist, Hindu and Yoga disciples. But even the pagans of ancient Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Asia practiced some kind of meditation, prayer or trance.

Meditation is self-supervision. This body, emotions and mind is a relaxing, concentrated and conscious process. From this place you can easily get to the real thought and have access to the god that lives in all of us. You will not find the most powerful meditation if you distort your body into strange positions and do not require hours and hours of free time.

Meditation is merely the ability to fully preserve the mind and monitor its thoughts when it jumps in and out of its head. The process of recovering your own power by discovering that you are responsible for your thinking and deciding what thoughts you will give to your attention and what thoughts you will put into the cosmic garbage can. Watch the peaceful warrior movie with Nick Nolte to better understand.

You only need ten minutes to do this. Yes. Ten minutes sat down and literally watched your thoughts. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this now. The modern mind is so accustomed to making complicated thoughts and making things more difficult. So when you see something as simple as sitting down and watching your thoughts for ten minutes a day, your mind goes: yes, no way.

And then he continues his attempts to practice. Therefore, the first and most powerful meditation is the process of observing your mind. With this, we observe how wonderful you are, your intellect, when you're on autopilot. There is an ancient esoteric truth: The thoughts they live in are committed and kept in reality. If you watch or read the secret, you know what that means.

Now there is a special trick to observe your thoughts. The trick is to literally observe your thoughts. Don't get involved in your thoughts. Instead, look at your thoughts like the pictures on the screen. Let them pass through. There is no analysis, interpretation, interpretation, judgment, criticism, separation, actually all zing. Someone admitted an expression that watched his thoughts on zingless.

Watch your thoughts every day for ten minutes. Now, depending on your lifestyle, you may need to spend ten minutes in 5 minutes or 2 in five minutes. Up to you. But only ten minutes of zingless observation is required. Make sure your mobile phone, radio, and television are turned off during this time. Make sure nobody or thing disturbs all your pets.

If you combine this goal with fifty to thirty minutes of relaxation meditation every day, something wonderful begins. Your whole life becomes meditation.

And this, my friends, is all the strongest meditation when every moment of the day becomes conscious meditation.

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