Every natural cat food provides the healthiest nutrition

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By feeding your cat to any natural cat food, you can be assured of the best of your health and longevity. Let's make it clear – fashions come and go as fashion trends, but these fashions are all made of man. One feels that nature can be used, improved, but man is gentle with nature.

Let's see why there are natural laws.

Cats have been developing for millions of years in natural nutrition. By comparison, man has been feeding cats for commercial cat food for only a few decades. Who has more experience?

Evolution takes thousands of years to change an important aspect, for example, what the body needs good health. It has nothing to do with rapid cosmetic changes that occur after a few generations of selective breeding. In the CORE, the essence of the cat has not changed.

Food is very complicated. Man has not yet discovered real progress in this area. This is evident when considering both the isolated and the synthetic supplements that are widely used for both human and pet animals.

Nutrients must be in their cat. Isolated nutrients are not in natural balance and can not be digested properly. Nutrients must be fully balanced with the nutrients required for other uses. For example, calcium needs phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, sodium, potassium, and many other nutrients so that it can be used efficiently. This is not a synthetic and isolated product

a healthy food, not a laboratory. With healthy and natural nutrition, the cat receives all the nutrients it needs for a healthy, disease free life, easily digestible and useful.

Do you feed your cat to a common synthetically supplemented commercial cat food?

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