Every animal's eyes are behind a life

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You like it or not, behind every animal's eye is life that matters. There is a living being, a mind, a heartbeat, and a feeling. They are all unique, just as they live and feel pain like you and me. Still, most people do not see animals as individuals and do not treat them with deserved respect.

So, where is our humanity? Why so many do not want to awaken to the truth? What encourages us to destroy ourselves? How can we fix the problem before it is too late?

You and I, as human beings, are responsible for protecting the Earth and all the inhabitants. Everyone deserves freedom, respect, dignity, love, empathy, nurturing and life. Believe it or not, eating habits have a great impact on your health, the environment, and animals on this planet.

The tidal wave of abundant diseases is mostly caused by our lifestyle. And the fascinating thing is that the main driving force behind the disease is human dependence on animal feed. Yet, behind every animal's eye is a life you can not end with. I'm fine? "Death causes fatigue, quicker life and sickness, bad karma." – K.VD.

Excessive animal consumption

Meat was considered a luxury during the previous centuries, and ordinary citizens never got it. Then it was time for people to take one meal a week, often on Sundays. But today most people can afford you, which does not help at all. Despite the warnings, he eats more and more meat

And today's life is the normal part of most people's diets because they have traditions. However, it is associated with heart disease. And I will not talk about dairy products. Excessive consumption of animal proteins or processed food damages the body and reduces its blood supply.

It is a fact that for years there have been scientific studies and convincing evidence. On the other hand, a plant-based diet not only prevents the development of heart disease or cancer, but also suppresses its effect. Irrespective of age, you can use herbal meals as a cure or a medicine to avoid future problems in life.

Behind every animal's eyes

It is obvious that behind every animal's eye is a heart. Yet when a person kills the animal, it is often referred to as sport. But when an animal wants to kill a person, the so-called wildness. Yet, when it really stops, man is the most cruel race. So do not we contradict ourselves?

If you want to live long and healthy lives and contribute to this world, you must act. You only go through this world, but once. And if you can do any good stuff or whatever kindness you show to any living creature, do it. Do not ignore it because you will not go any further.

So look deep into the eyes of the animals, then for a moment, in commercial locations. Suddenly, you see that your life will be as valuable as yours and become as vulnerable as they are. Well, realize that every animal deserves respect and protection, because in a sense you are the one and you are. "Animals are my friends and I do not eat my friends." – George Bernard Shaw

Life in the eyes of an animal

If you are a animal hunter, you probably already know that many animals are extremely intelligent and emotional. Like humans, countless creatures form strong bonds with their young people, love them and their friends. And they will also be given a special invitation to those they care about, just as you give their friends and family nicknames.

However, most people only consider foods, trophies, or objects to be animals. Too often, countless people treat them as commodities rather than individuals. So most of them will never reach these remarkable bonds. Instead, many human beings have filled life with fear, stress, pain, sadness, and death.

"For me, a lamb's life is no less valuable than a human being. The more the creature becomes ineffective, the more it protects man's protection from human cruelty." – Mahatma Gandhi

Animals are innocent souls

Animal eyes have the power to speak a wonderful language when it takes time to look at them. Remember also that compassion for other innocent beings is the true judge of the character. The animals have the same right as if we were here on this planet since we were born with us.

And anyone who said we were ours what we want? It may be a carnivore; I still do not judge, just trying to show facts. So do not be angry with vegan people, because only individuals who have the crazy idea that no animal suffers.

However, humanity can no longer stop and use and abuse their beautiful animals in many ways. Let's look at the animal's eyes, set up, big or small, personal or public. Do it before it's too late. Do not forget to be kind to these gentle souls.

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