Emotions and Leadership in Patanjala Yoga

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Reverend Maharshi Patanjali is a wise and prominent scholar in the field of Yoga and Samkya philosophy. He did hectic research work on yoga and organized his principles and practices in a systematic way. His classic work on the subject is one of the most authentic and famous teachings in the life of yoga.

Patanjala Yoga Sutras is the classic work of Sage Patanjali, also known as Ashtanga or Raja Yoga. The traditional text explains the nature of the mind and the causes of the disturbances of the mind. The second chapter of the text provides a structured methodology to bring its principles and practice to peace. Sage describes nicely the nature of the disturbances and the techniques used to overcome such troubles.


Emotions are the feelings or feelings of a person who are connected to others under different circumstances. The positive state of emotional stability helps to express the personality's proper behavior and peculiarities. The imbalance of emotional states causes more and more suffering, leading to mental disorder, pain and anxiety. Sage Patanajli explains the five sufferings as the fundamental sources of human suffering, which are very strong to disrupt the nature of our emotions.

Psycho-physiology of emotional upset

Confused emotions have a very strong effect on physical and mental health. Many psychosomatic illnesses of modern time are rooted in the imbalance of emotions. The rhythm of the endocrine profile that affects the normal secretion of hormones is discarded. The physiology of different systems in our body is affected by imbalance. Behavior of biochemical secretions affects digestive disorders such as acidity, constipation and indigestion

Yoga Emotions

Yoga practice is one of the most effective ways of stable emotions and prevents psychosomatic diseases. The Sage of His Sages proposes to utilize harmony in life

PYS 1.33 Say

The spirit of friendship is to be entertained by people who have experienced happiness and a sense of compassion. those who are in trouble, the spirit of good will toward people who turn to virtues and indifference. This kind of approach promotes the purity of mind and emotions. The purified mind achieves a degree of precision, eventually reaching peace of mind.

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