Effective nutritional secretion: Food unification

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I do not support a glamorous diet. I do not usually recommend health and wellness practices that are not supported by reliable scientific studies and data. However, in my constant quest to help clients and readers create optimal health, I occasionally stumble upon a wonderful diet or fitness that is so interesting and potentially useful that I can not ignore. So this week, I share a great way to increase nutrient absorption and reduce toxin and fat levels while reducing heartburn, stagnation, gas and other negative reactions to foods. Firstly, I was skeptical, but after trying for a week I enjoyed a lot more energy, slower slower meals, better workout, and even better thought.

The process starts with understanding the body digesting the food. Different types of foods require different types of digestive enzymes to degrade the proper food. For example, carbohydrate foods require carbohydrate enzymes, while protein foods require protein-rich enzymes. While carbohydrate enzymes can only function properly in a non-acidic or alkaline environment, protein enzymes function only in an acidic environment

Therefore, it is believed that when a carbohydrate diet (eg steak and potato) as these two compounds can not fully digest in their competing environment. Without full digestion, nutrient absorption is incomplete. This non-perfectly digested food also sits in the intestine and becomes a fodder for bacteria, which can lead to fermentation and food decomposition, leading to the formation of toxins and gastrointestinal gas. Furthermore, as nutrient absorption is reduced and digestion slows down, metabolism becomes less effective and fat and cholesterol are likely to accumulate.

While such a scenario is not proven by science, "Food Combination" to avoid this potentially low-fat, metabolism-slowing, immune-process. If your results are similar to mine, you may find that you have better stamina and strength, greater emphasis, leap energy, more comfortable digestion and a better overall feeling. By following a number of rules, you can less restrict your body's natural digestion process.

Here are the basic rules (you think it's a game … that helped me). There are more details about the explanation behind the rules, but I thought I did not try to be too complicated.

first Do not drink fruit, especially melons, and other foods (including vegetables). They are too acidic and probably sit and ferment while slowing the digestion of other foods. So the fruit, like a snack, serves alone.

2nd Do not mix proteins with starchy carbohydrates. They disturb each other's digestion.

3rd Just drink milk alone, because it requires a unique environment for digestion

. Just drink clean water before, during, and after meals.

5th Do not add additional fats to proteins (ie cooking fish and chicken with excess butter or creamy sauce)

6. Do not consume starch or sugar mixtures, for example with toasted or with honey in oatmeal

. Mainly eat only protein or carbohydrate foods. For example, breakfast can be eggshell, turkey bacon or a banana berry.

Based on these rules, the food combinations to be avoided contain bread or potatoes with butter, rolls or toast, bacon, creamy cereals or milk, steaks, chicken or fish potatoes, bread or rice, rolls and hot dogs, ice cream, whipped cream or cream starch desserts, pork with fried beans or vinegar and oily chicken salad. [19659002] Is it difficult to implement the "food combination" without serious juggling? This! This is what I recommend: the 90/10 approach to diet or lifestyle change. This means that 90% of time is conscious and intense efforts to make positive changes, and in 10% of the time just let things "flow" and allow yourself to break or violate the rules. For example, for breakfast you can have a bowl of oatmeal, a slices of whole grain toast, maybe a raw apple in the middle of the morning, a salad with avocado lunch and a handful of nuts in the middle of the afternoon. Then "10%" and your plate are loaded with corn, cabbage salad, chicken, coil and brownie (while the food combination is only cabbage salad and chicken). This allows you to have a mental break in the ongoing testing of eating perfection and I find that most of the rule is less likely to lose control completely with 2-week sugar, alcohol, processed / packaged foods and fat.

The ultimate benefit of a food combination can be longer service life. It has been suggested that the body has a certain reserve that has been carefully preserved, allowing us to live longer and healthier lives. There are also studies that observe the relationship between longer life expectancy and lower calorie consumption. Exhaustion of body reserves can be much faster if our body is overloaded in the food digestion process. Like all diets or health practices, the concept of self-control, the avoidance of huge smorgasborgs of buffet food and alcohol, as well as generalized variation in morbidity seems to be in a good sense

Remember, there is no "perfect diet" for everyone. If you want more nutrition advice, fitness and lifestyle coaching or helping you achieve your goals, just email me at elite@pacificfit.net call me at 208-883-7705 or speak to at the reception to arrange a consultation with me. Whether you want a one-month online personal workout for shrinking your thighs, a consultation on the first marathon run, or tips on how to get a healthy diet while traveling – you can arrange anything with a personal trainer!

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