Easy and beneficial exercise for the elderly: Laughter yoga

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Laughter of yoga was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, an Indian physician who launched the laughing club six years ago, only a few people are involved. There are currently 6,000 ridiculous groups in around 60 countries. What is laughter yoga? This is simply a combination of Yogic Breathing (Pranayama) and laughter. The brain is not able to distinguish between authentic and simulated laughter, so health benefits are the same. It is a revolutionary concept that is full training for the body and spirit.

Older people live longer and face chronic illness and age related problems. In ten years when the elderly population in the United States almost doubled, the decline or lack of physical and mental abilities. Particularly helpful for dementia and Alzheimer's disease can not understand the humor, Laughter Yoga is a great workout program that has great health benefits. It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mood. It's hard to stop laughing.

It's simply a laugh when it comes to laughing without contact with two or more people. Many people find it to change, helps with stress and depression. It seems that positive feelings are so effective that some people no longer need depression, as Laughter Yoga maintains them every day. They also say that participants are less affected by diseases such as colds and flu, as well as alleviating chronic conditions. And practice practitioners and the lifestyle-changing experiences that make them happier, healthier and more energetic.

Want to know how to try it? Here are some suggestions from the American School Yoga School:

  • You say you're talking to someone on a cell phone that tells you something funny. Laughter while keeping the imaginary phone near her ear.
  • He starts to smile slowly. Try laughing. Increase your efforts by trying a little laugh and lifting the laugh of your entire body.
  • Smile everyone when he laughed at them instead of words when shaking their hands.
  • You marry Santa Clause laughing on a tough belly. Pull up your arms as you look up and you will feel the laugh all the way to your toes.
  • Whenever you get into a disadvantage, you're laughing. If you are not in the position, make one and give it a laugh.

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