Do you have to use thick yoga mat?

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Is there a thick yoga mat for you? Answer some basic questions about what type of mat, thick or thin is best for practicing yoga.

First, some facts.

Yoga carpet is different in size and thickness. The average carpet is 24 inches and between 65 and 72 inches. All mats can be found in two basic thicknesses. The typical carpet is 1/8 inches thick. Thick yoga rugs sometimes called double thick mats are typically 1/4 inches thick.

Now that these boring facts have been discontinued, let us help you choose the right mat. First, ask some basic questions. Where to practice yoga, gym, outside or anywhere else to travel. What yoga will you do? What type of surface do you practice to practice yoga? Do your joints, hands and feet come uncomfortably to your regular carpet?

First question – Where do you plan to practice yoga? This question is important because the thick carpet may be larger than a typical one. Actually, the coil will be twice thicker. They're okay if you stay at home, but you can be annoying if you travel a lot with her. Question 2 – Do you have a knee or knee or leg on a regular carpet? If you are making a thick yoga carpet, this is the right choice for you. Thick yoga rugs provide more cushioning and support for body parts that are in contact with the yoga mattress. Many find the extra softness of the thick yoga mattress.

Third Question – What Yoga Will You Do? There are many kinds of yoga, and each of them is different. We only have the basics for this article. The Astranga yoga, which most gymnasiums exercise, contains a lot of positioning changes. If you change a lot of yoga or make any other vibrant yoga – a double thick mat can be right for you. Extra padding for these carpets helps to relax the body parts.

If you are older or your knees and knees begin to hurt the carpet, thicker mats are also a good choice for you. The extra 1/8 inches does not seem to be many, but it offers twice the thickness of the regular carpet.

Finally, if you can try different carpets before you buy one, you can make it easier. Though thicker carpets can feel light on their bodies, they are not as stable as thinner carpets. Because thin carpets are so thin they are a little more stable.

With these questions I answer, I hope you will be more comfortable with the next yoga exercise.

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