Dining for running

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As we all know, nutrition is extremely important for good performance when it runs (or is involved in a practice), but at an early stage of running does not have to be sought to massively improve the diet. You will see the benefits of starting a startup and it is important to know that even if you consume the same foods and quantities as you are, you will both lose weight and become healthy.

You said when you came to your meals, it's important that you make the right choices. It is important that you still have occasional occasions if you want and approach the food in a healthy way. So the right foods: lots of carbohydrates to provide energy and plenty of protein that helps build muscle to improve.


According to the weekly plan, look at the daily time you run and work around your meal. First, breakfast. If you are early in the morning or because you are silent because it is the most suitable day on the working day, take some liquids and a banana or a small bowl of grain for 30 minutes before you leave because the light energy provided by food will make the job more effective . When you return, do not forget to replenish your carbohydrate content, sometimes with bread or toast before you start your daily routine. If you do not get up early, a simple, simple toast breakfast, bagels, cereals and fruits provide a great starting point.

After lunch, you are looking for healthy foods again, you can advance and do not buy better. Homemade foods are generally healthy and do not have additives, so it's better for you to add to the bargain that is usually cheaper and your own food is a win-win situation! In lunchtime, there are some carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes) and a little protein (meat, beans, fish) for a meal. Add a piece of fruit and your good business.

Hydration is very important, so you have to drink plenty of water every day. It's hard to drink if it's not used, but regular use of drinking water gives you many health benefits and keeps the body in the best condition for running and in general for life.

Evening Dinner

If you're out in the evening, it's important that you have a good carbohydrate source to get you to run, so try 30 minutes ago to fry or grain and provide plenty of energy to run on your run.

Then we made a self-made evening supper, looked at some protein, some carbohydrates, and lots of vegetables in this meal. Do not worry too much at night when you eat food, as most of this research suggests that it does not matter if you eat at night, only eat it when it suits you best. Again, make sure you have plenty of water.

Finally, dinner. It's not bad for snacks, in fact very few things about food are really "bad" for you. It's always important to take the right kind of snacks, fruits and vegetables are great, oatcakes, nut, if you want protein, then oily fish is a great and easy way to make a quick healthy snack. Enjoy your meals, enjoy good healthy diets, and try to avoid processed foods and be on the right track.

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