Dieting and success

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, the diet has two meanings:

Meals eaten by a person, animal, or community

We limit ourselves to the weight loss in small quantities or with special nutrition.

Currently, the UK population follows the second report as there are different diets available to the UK community to achieve their ideal weight. Dietary programs have been in existence for more than 50 years. It was the first diet that started in 1968 and currently has 120,000 members. A point system can be tracked as members can choose what foods they want to follow. The weight loss key in the program does not exceed the daily points.

In the 1970s, Beverley Hills diet was created by an actor. It does not contain carbohydrate based foods (ie pasta, rice, bread) for 10 days. However, after 10 days carbohydrate foods will be reintroduced.

In the 1980s Rosemary Connolly Diet arrived. His diet was based on the consumption of low-fat foods, combined with physical exercise. During this period, there was also a milkshake diet that consumed two daily dairy consumption (instead of meals) and then evening meal. In the 1990s, the Atkins diet became popular. This diet does not contain carbohydrate based and unlimited protein based foods (ie meat, fish eggs, nuts).

For the past ten years, diet companies have adapted their marketing strategies to keep up with customers' interests and lifestyle. For example, customers of the weight watchers program can purchase mass-produced food. This is ideal for the customer, as they can be sure they are able to control the points, but it also affects the lower fat / sugar. Finally, customer attention can be drawn to make the programs permissible.

Over the past ten years, British diet was on average 6,000. With this revenue, this figure is likely to increase as obesity grows in the UK.

Studies conducted by the UK Health Survey have shown a steady increase in the level of serious problems in the early 1990s. The report predicted that if no action is taken, the level of obesity may increase to 60% for men and 50% for women. In 2007, the price of obesity related costs reached 1.23 million pounds. This increase was 16% compared to 2006.

The main cause of obesity is the imbalance between excessive consumption of food and inadequate physical activity. Obesity has genetic causes, but these are extremely rare. The cause of obesity can be explained by a number of factors, including social and environmental causes, all of which may make it more difficult to choose a healthier lifestyle. According to a report by the Ministry of Health, the factors influencing such decisions can be divided into four groups:

Human biology: A report by Foresight found that genes can be linked to overweight. However, these cases are extremely rare compared to the number of obese people.

Culture: The report by the Ministry of Health suggested that physical activity may be difficult for people, especially for parents. The study concludes that parents are struggling to evaluate the weight of their children accurately, overestimate their activity levels, and underestimate the amount of high-fat sugar and salt foods consumed by their children. Finally, they are not linked to poor nutrition and low activity levels among children and long-term health problems.

Food industry: Technological changes have allowed the food industry to produce cheap and large quantities of food, consumer demands. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of highly processed foods with saturated fat, sugar and salt

Several conditions associated with overweight and obesity:

Coronary heart disease develops when the arteries are blocked or partially blocked by fat deposits [19659002] 2nd type diabetes: occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin or can not use insulin properly.

Hypertension: High blood pressure is defined as a heart that is more difficult to circulate the body. Over time, the heart may be weakened, resulting in stroke, dementia, and heart attack.

Caries: It is called dental caries, caries are a bacterial infection of the teeth. Unnecessary consumption of sugary foods and drinks can cause dental caries

The above problems are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, especially salt, saturated fat and sugar. The need to address the problem is complex and involves the involvement of communities, industry and individuals, as well as the government. The report forecasts that society as a whole should focus on promoting a healthier food choice and reduce high-fat, sugar and salt foods.

It can be stated that if clients join the diet, it is difficult to keep them, so they are removed from the program. As a nutritionist, customer feedback on dieting means that quick fixes are drastic and expensive. Nutrition researchers do not interfere with customers' use of programs, as mentioned earlier, diets have been successful in the past 50 years. Nutritionists, however, encourage customers to:

Look at the dose control


Replacing High Fat Foods, Salt and Sugar for Lower Opportunities

Motivational Support

The four key aspects above are very important, especially for exercise, as many popular diets do not mention the practices of their goals and goals. It integrates into the National Health and Clinical Excellence Guidelines (NICE). It is a quality and standardization body developed by the NHS to improve people's health and poor health. According to NICE guidelines, too restrictive and nutritionally balanced diets should not be used because they may be ineffective and harmful in the long run. Guidance also encourages customers to maintain a healthy weight:

Dining with breakfast

Construction work for the business day

Consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day

General nutrition is a great way to reduce weight, but depending on the goals and goals of the person and the relationship with the program. Within a week does a half stone want to lose? Can you cope with certain limitations with certain nutrients? Can the customer pay the weekly fee? These are the considerations that should be considered when joining the eating program. If the customer understands these factors and has decided to join the program, the diet will continue to be successful.

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