Diabetes and alcohol

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If you have diabetes and are taking tablets / medicines or insulin injections for diabetes, there is a risk of alcohol consumption at low blood sugar levels. If you are taking Diabline, do not use alcohol because of the combination of this medicine and alcohol to make you feel dizzy and annoying your stomach. Your face may be warm and red and may have low blood sugar levels.

How Does Alcohol Cause Low Blood Sugar?

  • Well, this has something to do with the liver. Normally, when the blood sugar level begins to decrease, the liver begins to change glucose levels of stored carbohydrates.
  • Then the liver enters the blood into the bloodstream, which helps to avoid or slow down a low blood glucose response.
  • But if you drink alcohol, that's change. Alcohol is a toxin and your body reacts like a poison.
  • The liver quickly removes alcohol from the blood. So the liver will not convert the carbohydrates to glucose until they take care of the alcohol.
  • If your blood glucose levels drop, you may quickly become hypoglycaemic or very low blood sugar. This is the reason why you drink as much as two non-alcoholic drinks in the empty stomach can lead to very low blood sugar levels. If you are taking insulin or antidiabetic medicines / tablets, they also work to reduce glucose. If you do not eat or if your liver does not add glucose to your blood, it may lead to lower blood sugar levels. If you have alcohol content, you stop the liver to release the glucose and your chances of being lower, even greater.

    When your family members meet with your friends, on excursions, after the softball match, in parties, you can ask me to take some alcohol. If you have diabetes, what are you saying? Go after asking three basic questions:

    1. Are you under my diabetes?
    2. Do I agree with my doctor to be free of health problems to make alcohol worse?
    3. Do I know that alcohol can affect me and my diabetes?

    If you told all three that "yes", there is always a drink. But what does casual mean? The American Diabetes Association suggests that you have more than two drinks a day, if you are a man and you have more than one drink per day when you are a woman. This recommendation is the same for people with diabetes. If you are a diabetic, always avoid alcohol. But in an unavoidable situation where you need to take alcohol, make sure your food is in your empty stomach.

    Diabetics always need to pack about 3 teaspoons of sugar or glucose, regardless of whether they consume alcohol or not. If you have any symptoms of low blood sugar such as irritability, fast heart beat, excess hunger, irritability, cold sweating, dizziness, headache, pale or damp skin, personality change, eat this sugar right away and consult doctor. the future.

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