Create a healthy body – the choice is yours

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Our life is a choice. We choose from moment to moment. Who we are is the amount we say, we are doing and expect, so we have to take responsibility for our own lives and create for ourselves what we want – a healthy, fitting body and a life.

Ten Tips for a Successful Diet

1. It's a good start. Start the start day at a special time. Select the beginning of the first month or the next week. Days before you start the program, prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Remove unhealthy foods from the kitchen.
2. Eat for breakfast. Healthy meals are up for one hour all morning and we usually feel less feeling all day.
3. Disrupts appetite. Drinking a tall glass of water 15 minutes before meals will help prevent over-consumption if you feel full.
4. Stop late-night meals. Make it customary not to eat after 6 o'clock
5. Eat only when you are hungry. Do not eat because it is stressful, sad, bored or anything else.
6. Eat Light. If you are very hungry and run fast, choose low calorie products such as fresh vegetables or fresh fruit. Add more raw seeds or nuts if you need more.
7. Eat the delicious food. Since you choose as many healthy diets, there is no reason to make your diet more difficult by eating foods you do not like.
8. Eat slow. Give your body time to release the enzymes that are needed to tell your brain that it is burnt. In addition, chewing of your meals helps digestion.
9. Do not worry. If you lose your plan once or twice, this does not mean that you feel hopeless about your efforts. Just recognize what he did and return to the track.
10. Reward yourself. Once a week, we treat ourselves with special meals, films, etc. Let's stick to our plan.

So, start now and decide to make the necessary changes in your life that is needed to achieve the goals. Whether your health or fitness or anything else.

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