Costa Rica Yoga Retreat – Live a Pure Life

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The combination of yoga retreat and Costa Rica trip, a beautiful natural setting, is the perfect recipe to help you relax, replenish and renew. Costa Rica has become extremely popular with yoga retreats because of its beauty and biodiversity, outdoor activities and adventures, as well as its positive and happy attitude and mood, Pura Vida!

Pura Vida means "clean life" regularly in Costa Rica, instead of locals, hello, goodbye, thank you, and so on. This basically means "all good and life is good". What a great life to live every day! This positive attitude, Pura Vida, is very closely aligned with yoga philosophy, for example, with happiness and satisfaction with her life, which is, in fact, and purposeful. One of the yoga spiritual remembrances, which forms the eight arms of yoga, is called Saucha, literally purity. This includes the purity, purity and purity of the mind, speech and body, the outer body, and the inner mind. All of the law is about preserving pure life

Costa Rica is called "the happiest country in the world" – freedom, democracy and equality. This inspirational and progressive culture attracts many tourists and travelers to visit and of course their rights. The ultimate goal of yoga is to achieve enlightenment that is free from all suffering and find inner peace and joy. What a better place to practice yoga and go on to the pure peace of peace and joy than the world's happiest country.

During yoga retreat, there are often two yoga exercises every day. First in the morning before breakfast, as it is generally recommended before yoga and before dinner and before or after dinner. This leaves plenty of days off during the day, whether it's self-reflection, meditation, or exploring a beautiful countryside, and taking advantage of fun outdoor activities and adventures.

There are many different microclimate zones and the largest biodiversity density species in the world, Costa Rica for everyone. Explore lush rainforests and jungles with high rainfall and many live vegetation, or take a jungle tour of hot and dry clouds. Costa Rica is famous for the canopy lining, which literally belongs to the vegetation and the forest. In addition to being an exciting experience, you will appreciate the huge and dense jungles and rainforests. Surfing and other water sports are popular on the Pacific Coast, where many tourists enjoy tropical beaches and the ocean, R & R. You must visit Arenal, Costa Rica's best-known active volcano. It is often the case that the lava is poured sideways after an eruption. Other popular excursions and activities include hot springs and geyser visits, bird watching, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, ecological sustainable farming and much more.

Thanks to the rich volcanic soil, Costa Rica is also well-known for gourmet coffee beans and cocoa beans. Since cocoa bean, a wonderful super meat in the jungle, it's no surprise that jungle animals are happy and Costa Rica has a delicious and healthy chocolate. So even if yoga is not centered, you can enjoy high quality coffee and chocolate!

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