Coconut Water – Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and History

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Coconut water's history, nutrition facts and health benefits are good because it consumes a very popular sports drink and a healthy lifestyle.

Coconut water has received many positive press in 2010 because of its wonderful health benefits. He is most familiar with the ability to rehydrate the human body and is very infamous as any natural, isotonic sports drink.

Isotonic drink replaces liquids and electrolytes that lose exercise or extensive, strenuous activity. 100% coconut water has a completely natural, long and interesting story.

Here are a few historical notes that showcase your health impact.

  1. Hunters, collectors, workers, fishermen, farmers and fighters have been using Southeast Asia, South Pacific and South America for thousands of years to help them stay hydrated in their labor intensive lives. The II. War coconut water was injected into the soldiers' vein when the doctors were in the plasma because they had the same electrolyte balance as our blood. Indeed, the "flow of life". Coconut water is such a smart sports drink that high concentrations of electrolytes, most of all sodium and potassium, and magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.

    Sodium helps the body hydrate because its body retains its fluid. Your body will not lose fluid during your sweating, but your body will also produce urine and burn new fluid through your breathing features.

    Potassium helps the heart function and helps regulate the blood pressure of lower levels during peak performance. This helps keep the body temperature lower, which in turn helps maintain more fluid. As a result it helps stop hydration, headache and cramps

    An 8.5 ounce dose has more potassium than two and a half bananas and 15 times more potassium than other leading sports drinks on the market. Theoretically, we can say that coconut water is 15 times better than any other sports drink on the market.

    Coconut water also has other health benefits that are sometimes ignored during exercise. Aside from being the best disturbing cure, it also has antiviral properties that help your body fight disease and illness and provide you with a stronger immune system. They also claim that coconut water helps fight cancer.

    Increased blood circulation is another health benefit that helps in the purification and detoxification of blood. With cleaner blood and cleaner system you reward yourself with even cleaner, vivid skin. It can also help metabolism, helping you try and save unwanted quantities.

    The coconut water nutrition facts are also very effective because it is a very healthy drink, especially if you try and direct a "healthy" diet and lifestyle.

    The 8.5 ounces dose of 100% natural coconut water in nutrition facts are as follows:

    • 45 calories
    • Total fat = 0 g, saturated fat = 0 g, trans fat = 0 g
    • Cholesterol = 0 g
    • Sodium = 30 mg Potassium = 515 mg
    • 19659014] Calcium = 4% 19659006] Phosphorous = 4% based on the 2000 calorie diet
    • Vitamin C = 175% based on 2000 calories
    • Magnesium = 8% based on 2000 calories [Coconutwaterisre-hydratingthebodyandisahealthieralternativetoothersportsdrinksbecauseitislowerincaloriesstrengthenstheimmunesystemdetoxifiesthebodyandis100%natural

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