Classical Yoga Studies – Why You Should Learn

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Yoga is of Indian origin. Its history dates back to the pre-Vedic era. The four Vedas are the oldest texts in India. Yoga is found in the Vedas, which means that his story is older than the Vedas. At that time, it helped to raise the soul. During the examination of previous Yoga textbooks yogic kriyas (techniques) was used for self-development and not for improving health.

Yoga is practiced worldwide. The physical exercise system. Psychosomatic diseases such as stress, depression, hypertension and other health related illnesses are used to treat yogic crises. When categorizing websites, yoga is under the Health and Fitness category. Obviously it has become a health theme. But this is not a health theme. Its dimension is more. To understand this dimension and to take full advantage of yogic kriya, we must learn from the perspective of ancient yoga studies. To this end, you need to learn classical yoga theses.

Yoga taught by ancient India gurus without accepting the attention or discretion that was affordable for students. An affordable amount for the student was accepted by Gurus. The amount or Gatcher Thatchana (the amount given by the student) is decided by the student and not by the Gurus. Money was no motive in those days.

The Guru-Sysya (teacher-disciple) system has now been cursively manipulated. It has become a lucrative business today. Yoga is institutionalized, which was not the case before. The head of the institute is the Guru and will never pass his knowledge. It will employ pedagogues with a partial master. Thus, students do not get the full knowledge. That's why true knowledge has been hanged with someone who does not pass it for some reason or otherwise.

Yoga is the origin of yoga dissertation. The modern Guru chooses one or some of the techniques from ancient Jewish writings and is slightly modified and gives a new name. He will use this name for a patent. So there are so many yoga brands and many institutions sell these brands. Knowledge belongs to the former wise men, and yoga institutes are sold as products.

When you are ready to make some effort to acquire this knowledge by learning the ancient teachings, you can avoid these mediators. A contemporary guru does not know his knowledge of his own research. If you do research at all, the findings are related to the effects of early kriya. There are thousands of thousands of yoga techniques available in the scriptures. Man's life is not enough to learn and practice everything. By learning the scriptures we could understand them, identify them with the available yoga brands and practice some of them that are suitable for us. Therefore, studying the scriptures is for everyone who is planning to practice yoga.

We now know that studying yogic scriptures gives us two great benefits.

  1. We Understand the Wider Dimension of Yoga to Make Overall Benefits
  2. Yoga can be obtained directly from the scriptures without intermediaries

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