Circumstances in Myths of Nutrition and Exercise Program

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Sometimes nutrition is considered undesirable. According to the average individual opinion, nutrition is separate and distinct from food. The food has a ring that makes the drugs synonymous. This is an unlucky lie by choice. Food and nutrition are hand in hand and can not be alienated from each other.

We have to realize that when we eat, we actually feed ourselves. See how we feel hunger at 5-7 hours after our last meal? Some people do not live without food. They have to take food or snacks. Others can live without having to go without consciousness for 3 days. This proves individual differences. It appears in many ways, but only confirms the fact that each individual is unique.

Our responses to foods differ in many ways. There are people who like greasy things. Others like food dry and properly cooked. Some people prefer steaks for medium rare. There are people who consume fish only through the culture. Some cultures traditionally produce hot and spicy foods. All of these nutritional effects are different between cultures, individuals or peoples. Uniqueness is affected by the acquired preferences, genetic composition, cultural traditions, or just whims or whims.

A person who is unique to the next individual receives a unique response to the types of foods he has eaten. There are people who can easily fatigue with controlled consumption of carbohydrates and fatty foods. In contrast, some people do not take any weight despite the intake of alcoholic beverages and beverages. Despite its uniqueness, changes in food reactions can be observed with age. About 30 years of age, people usually get fats, especially around the abdomen. But exercise can effectively cut the body easily in this age. Of course, it is more difficult to get rid of unwanted swelling when people reach 50. Obviously, the metabolism has slowed and it is getting harder to stay and fit.

From these observations, it is easy to deduce that there are no standard programs that would represent the weight loss advertised. This is almost certain to be a mistake. If you want to lose weight, especially if this is something that is causing problems, do not just let the packaged "slimming-fast" programs that are offered in premium discounts. You just burn money, not calories.

Uniquely, as we all, we need unique programs that can only be provided by qualified professionals. Dietitians, nutritionists and / or physical fitness experts ask the right questions and make appropriate tests that will allow them to create a specific program that is right for you.

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