Bodhi Tree Pose – Integrating Yoga and Amplification Training

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Why Does Asana Yoga Begin?

Fitness casting firmly believes that you will first learn movement or exercise first without resistance or speed. This creates the form, the practice, and develops the relationship between the mind body. The goal is to achieve neuromuscular activation and to increase motor firing for de-conditioned muscles.

The original yoga posture has been designed to muscle the muscles muscle, strengthen the joints and coordinate the body in the most important way. Tree posture introduces one foot balance and stability, which also helps balance the muscles. (synergistic and dominant muscle) The benefits of regular training give you greater flexibility and strength between the ankles, the knees and the hip.

In carrying out this practice / port, it promotes blood circulation to all organs, glands and tissues, providing all body systems with oxygen-containing blood. Maximizing Boost training maximizes bodily fitness by harmonizing all the body's potential. Progress on Training BodhiTree Pose

Set up the original Yoga Tree Pose and do the following. (original Yoga Pose – visit my site)

Bodhi Tree Pose Medical Ball Press

Frequency: 3 sets, repetition 8

Intensity: Hold your position without losing the form. 1 kg ball

Timing: Pause the ball for 2 seconds. Inhalation on Return

Movement to Bodhi Twisted Tree



Hold the medical ball at the height of the chest with the elbows your side climbs up. Breathe in; push the weight on your left foot … Empty your right knee, simultaneously turn your knees to the right side while gently shaking the right foot leg carefully to the left inner thighs, pointing your toes down. Continue moving your right knee to the right side while contracting the buttocks muscles and holding the cranium forward.

Stabilizes the situation and pushes the ball slowly forward with the next inhalation. The ball must remain at the height of the chest and both arms must be of the same level. Slowly Pull Your Arm in Front of Your Chest Sit back, lift your chest and straight ahead. Return to the starting position with the ball in front of the heart. Repeat this on the other side.

Draw it to the navel. Focus on the Form


Relax from the position, slowly exhale and lift the ball up to the waist height.

Do not press it until it is comfortable for poses for approx. 30 seconds on both sides.

Tip of the Trainer:

If you can not lift your left leg inside the right thigh, lower it lower

on your right foot – be careful not to place your left foot right

knees. Make sure the tail is inclined to the rear. Prevention

happens, pull the navel back and forth. This will be neutral

spine. For better coordination, focus and visually connect the legs, the tibia

to the top of the head and hands.

Due to the correct form and total body setting, concentration is not a strength. This results in deepening the relationship between the theoretical body. Finally, slow-motion motion requires even greater control, focus and breathing. This leads to neuromuscular activation muscle memory, injury prevention and self-efficacy

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