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The most important aspect of a perfect diet is the following: CHANGE OF MEDICINE COMPANIES! If we do not do this, we are doomed to failure, no matter how much fat we burn, how many calories we consume, and so on. I understand that I'm not a psychologist, but a few things happened to me overweight people:

1) People eat too much in this country. I know this is obvious, right? We bombard every day and night with advertising messages from garbage companies, stores, etc. Sometimes, I think that part of this "bad programming" gets into our subconscious mind and we eat

2) Our meals are often caused by our emotions. People eat when they are lonely when they are depressed when they are angry. We need to get a measurement of self-control, our thoughts and feelings about food if we want to lose weight.

These emotions, these conscious emotions, are attacked by mental and emotional discipline. For example, the word "diet" usually brings a negative connotation: "Oh, you're on a diet." In fact, the word "diet" simply means we eat. So we can have a fried chicken on a diet or a donut diet, and we can be sure that you will not lose weight.

Wallace Wattles, a spectacular Attraction Lawyer, wrote in "Good Science" about when, when, and more importantly, how to eat. He also makes a very important difference between hunger and appetite: if we were just eating hungry, we wouldn't usually have to worry. However, our appetites are better and we eat at other times when hunger is not the driving force, but the emotions. – I feel like a snack. And in these "other times" is when we go to junk food: this piece of chocolate cake at midnight.

Consider this: Wattles speculates and I tend to agree that we eat too fast and that many of our illnesses come from this. If we just slow down and chew our food, our bodies will "assimilate" their food and nutrients more effectively. It seems to me a perfectly good argument. Wattles recommends that: "Do not place attention on chewing action, repair food on TASTE, and taste and enjoy until the liquid is reduced and your throat is left unintentionally … keep your mind in your mouth "It was written almost a century ago – What important advice!

Of course, our choice of food is the most important thing in determining weight. underestimation, if ever, put down donuts, fried foods, cakes, candies, etc. We need to make healthier choices! protein foods:

  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Turkey sage
  • Fish
  • Eggs (egg whites)
  • Walnuts

Fats are also "good" and "bad" – we want to avoid "trans" fats at all costs! You think that the good taste we like to eat is filled with trans fats. Cheeseburgers, chips, donuts, cake, ice cream, etc. "Good" fats for example:

  • Fish
  • Fish oil supplements
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Linseed oil

Carbs (carbohydrates) are most confusing in the three categories; again "good" -vs- "bad" carbohydrates. The general rule of thumb is to avoid potatoes, white bread, white rice, most commercial cereals, etc., and grab the following: [19659009] Brown Rice

  • Jam
  • Sweet Potato
  • Bab
  • This is just a basic sketch of the perfect "diet", if any. Any doctor who deserves his salt (deliberately) will tell you a fruit and vegetable rich diet. This is a non-brainer. What about your sweet tooth? I have a. Well, how about some fresh fruit? I like chocolate? Who is not? T? Why not buy some strawberries? At least you get the benefits of the berries. These are just recommendations. // .

    1 by Wallace D. Wattles, "The Science of Welfare", Chapter 11, p. 2

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