Beetroot nutrition facts and cooking methods

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Beetroot is a very nutritious and healthy root vegetable. Beet juice is a common ingredient in healthy eating recipes. This root vegetable can be cooked raw or as a salad as a vegetable as a main dish.

Have you ever tried to eat fresh beets? They won't be tempted in a grocery store; covered with soil and funny purple color.

Not many people tend to eat this purple vegetable. Beetroot if well prepared for a very delicious and healthy meal.

Selection and Storage:

When buying in a store, look for fresh, brilliant, not too dry raw beets. It is even better to include the beet leaves. If you buy a pre-cooked product, the skin should be smooth, with no black spots or cracks. Try to buy small beets because the larger ones may contain more fiber.


Fresh for 3-4 days in a refrigerator compartment in a sealed container. Cut into slices or cubes, frozen and kept for several months.

Preparation Methods :

To prepare beetroot, first wash the soil and dirt in cold running water. Then immerse it in hot water with the stem. Add a little salt and vinegar. When you cool down, you should be able to pull the skin.

Ideas for Recipes :

  • When buying raw beetroots, they are perfectly wrapped and served as an appetizer with vinegar and olive oil, or simply adding salad dressing.
  • Pre-cooked beets are ideal for salad dressings.
  • You can find them as pickles and are very popular in South American homes.
  • Meat dishes are prepared in Indian gastronomy. Sugar beet juice is also a very popular healthy drink.


The botanical name of the beet is Beta Vulgaris. It belongs to the Amaranthousous family. More commonly known beetroot & # 39; or & # 39; garden sugar beet; purple root vegetables. Sugar beet is also grown as vegetable vegetable. Different types of beet vegetables:


Vegetable vegetables used in Mediterranean recipes. Very nutritious leaf, but its roots are not so nutritious. Other common names; spinach beet, swiss sauce, silver beet, etc.

Sugar Beet:

A plant that contains large amounts of sugar. It is commercially produced for the production of sugar and molasses.

Sugar beet growing has a long historical background, probably for the second millennium. Historically, the plant was first used for household purposes in the Mediterranean. Beetroot was also used for medical purposes.

The first recipes appeared around the second century. This is when many cultures have been developed from red, white and yellow roots and have a high nutritional quality.

Today it is cultivated as vegetable (beetroot), leafy (Swiss sauce, spinach beet), feed and sugar production.

France's second largest cultivator. The beet is grown mainly in Orleans, Brittany and Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

Raw or fresh, available in stores from May to October, while cooked and vacuum packed throughout the year.

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