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Not everyone wants to be a competitive bodybuilder, but we all want to be the most appropriate and healthy. The normal dietary needs of an active person; who has a regular exercise program, about twenty percent of the protein-derived calories, 40 percent of complex carbohydrates (as opposed to simple carbohydrates such as starch and sugars) and the balance of fats and fibers. A serious bodybuilder may have the protein more than twenty-five percent and accordingly contain fewer carbohydrates.

Muscles are made to consume a lot of protein and exercise frequently and vigorously. In order to be able to exercise, we need energy, so the list of best muscle building foods includes some complex carbohydrates and natural unrefined sugars such as fruit.

Slower digestive carbohydrates last for a long time to melt the energy, so they do not increase your blood sugar and do not increase insulin requirements. Because they enter the bloodstream slowly, these carbohydrates produce less fatty hormones and enzymes. Rapidly digestible carbohydrates, such as refined starches and sugars, suppress the blood glucose and rapidly evaporate. They are compressed and their effects on their energy are very short lived.

Some foods that contribute to muscle building:

Buckwheat pasta – The Japanese room is a common form of buckwheat pastry. They can be used as a basin for a pot, or tossed salad or vegetables and meat as a cooked main course. These pies are very low in calories and contain almost zero fat.

Lean Ground Beef – The poorer the better. Beef has good protein, iron, zinc, creatine and vitamin B. Slender beef can be used as a shell patty or as a component of a variety of foods. Think of a good old american hamburger without the bun.

Broccoli – This large, green vegetable is full of phytochemicals, fibers and indoles with cancer. The latter is a natural compound that is resistant to estrogen and body fatigue that can be customized.

Fat-free hut cheese – All the benefits of whey and casein protein powders are much cheaper than these supplements. Lightly flavored with soy sauce, hot sauce, garlic, ground ginger and fresh fresh gooseberries to make delicious food or afternoon snacks. Fresh fruits are a good addition to the cottage cheese, but they keep the canned fruits away from heavy syrups.

Canned tuna or salmon or sardines – These oily fish are bodybuilding cut pieces. Filled with Omega-3 fatty acids and useful protein, canned fish are easy to store and use. They may be in the box or used in salads and in other recipes. Fine-cut cooked eggs, onions, garlic powder and low-fat mayonnaise are a bit of a lunch or afternoon snack.

Turkey breast – Turkish breast is high in protein, low in fat and does not contain carbohydrates. Turkey, especially white meat, is only the most dangerous protein source. Older bodybuilders ate many turkeys.

Oatmeal – Another slow digesting carbohydrate. Babbel is a good preparatory food because it slowly provides energy and stabilizes your blood sugar without increasing it. Cooked and mixed with protein powder or curd, delicious food or afternoon snack.

Slim beef – Nice, thin, well-decorated steak piece is good every time. A small piece of a big snack or a bigger piece than a meal. Beef is supplied by numerous proteins and basic fats. Other pieces of beef represent a major source of protein; beef stew, smoked bacon, extra-slender beef (cuff or round), beef, short ribs and sliced ​​steak.

Pork Horse – Another low-fat meat that is both tender and very delicious. Pork can be produced in a variety of ways, ranging from caboose to slices to stir baking. The back ribs of the pig are called due to their tenderness and their taste.

Chicken Breast – Not as fat-free as the turkey, the chicken is still charging the bill as a muscle-building food because protein is high. Skinless, low in fat. This is a very versatile meat and can be cooked in almost any way.

Sprouted grain slices – Processed grain flours are much easier to digest, sprouted grains provide slow-acting carbohydrates, zero fats and some useful proteins. Some bread is very delicious. If you only need to use a sandwich, use sprouted cereal slices. Most supermarkets have these but are in the freezer section because there are no preservatives. Special and natural groceries also have them.

Eggs – They are very high protein and essential fats. If we thought Nature offered nearly perfect nutrition, the eggs would fall in love when the low-fat diet started. Most nutritionists now recognize that low-fat taste is partially responsible for the obesity epidemic and eggs give good appetite. Hard foam eggs make good afternoon snacks.

Along with diet, you need to take nutrients that increase your metabolism. High fiber foods, high protein should be the basis of nutrition, but other natural metabolites: Chili, mustard, green tea and water.

Citrus fruits and other fruits that dilute fats with high vitamin C and help release them from the body. Limes, lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin and guava are on this list. Apple-pectin limits the ability of cells to absorb fats from foods. Pectin also encourages the absorption of water from foods, helping to reduce fat in the body.

Researchers have reported that calcium fat burners in dairy products such as whole milk, yogurt, and cheese may have an effect on cell fat loss. The calcium supplements do not work the same as the real ones, so yours are from nature, dairy products.

Your body needs energy to carry these difficult workouts, so your calories from carbohydrates, like protein calories, need to grab the oven. Below is a list of foods that increase the whole day (and night) at the energy level:

• Oatmeal – A great morning or morning snack. Oat is very high in fiber and low on the glycemic index. You get an energy flow that lasts long, not a quick spike.
• Coffee – The second most popular beverage in the US. Caffeine gives impetus. One or two cups is the recommended dose, as there will be more controversial, often mild withdrawal symptoms and fatigue.
• Lens, Navy Beans, Chickpeas and Kidney Beans – These legumes have good carbohydrates and proteins, and are an excellent source of fiber. Low fat and calories. If the metabolism is not used for the beans, start a small proportion to avoid accumulation.
• Water – The body needs water to generate energy by allowing nutrient digestion and absorption. If dried, cells are less effective in the energy processing of nutrients.
• Banana – Lightly digestible natural sugars. They also provide potassium, which helps maintain nervous and muscle functions. Other fruits are good, energy-boosting snacks; apples, grapes, peaches and pineapples.
• Sardinia – These small fish are loaded with amino acid tyrosine. When swallowed it helps the brain to produce chemical "upper" parts that produce better brain function.
• Chocolate – Half-sweet varieties can help with energy with sugar, but improve anemia, digestive support and sexual appetite. The latter character can help you warn you.
• Steak – Your predators will love this. Red meat has the most common absorbable iron that is needed for good cellular function. Avoid the Big Mac and go for a small loin and a nice salad.
• Healthy fats – from almonds, avocados, seeds and nuts. Good fats provide the essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), which produce a warning mental state.
• Yogurt – Magnesium-rich yogurt can provide energy levels. Magnesium activates the enzymes that help proteins and carbohydrates. Low-fat dairy products are good; cheeses, cottage cheese, skimmed milk and kefir.

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