An Ancient Yogi Diet

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In order to understand the diet of ancient Yogi, we must return to ancient times and live one day in one's life. There were three kinds of yoga in antiquity. The first types were nomads and they walked between the villages and gave the people a message. The second type of yogis created a residence outside the village cluster, while teaching their art to the villagers. The third category of yogis was fortunate to be a rich patron, either a member of the royal family or otherwise rich. The nutrition that these rights have followed depends on the category to which they belong. We can assume that they mostly lived on wild fruits and berries. When they arrived in a village, they used to be welcomed by the villagers and offered meals based on the village's traditional diet. Thus, the diet of nomadic yogi was similar to poor villagers, from wheat bread and fiber soup. These yogis did not consume fat, dairy or meat. Food was not available abundantly, so the nomadic yogis often do not eat their full capacity. Each household replaced food as a supply. When the meals came from richer villagers, yogis eat wheat bread, home-made butter, writers, cooked vegetables and deserts. When the food came from poorer households, yogis received wheat bread and lint. These yogis did not pull, but they took part in the other diets followed by the villagers. They didn't believe in wasting food, so it was often overestimated to finish what they offered

. These yogis produced their own vegetables and fruits; they also kept cows and made butter from cow's milk. They also produced wheat for their own bread. The day began with a fresh stream of water and fresh fruit. During the day, fruit, boiled vegetables and bread were also consumed. The royal yogis abstained from the meat, but consumed a desert like rice pudding; instead of refined sugar, they would give brown sugar, called jaggery.

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